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Ordinary commoners can only live at the foot of the mountain, how do i get cbd gummies which is called the commoner area, and the upper level is where the nobles and some people with status live., known as the aristocratic area.Gray has lived here for two years.Under the introduction of Gray s uncle, the Prime Minister of Herrien Castle, Dale Ragley, Gray has successfully become a member of the knights of Lord Lockton, botanical farms cbd gummies website how do i get cbd gummies Lord of Herrien It s just the beginning of spring now.Although Herienburg is in the south of the Elan continent, it s still a bit cold.At this time, the farms outside the city are already busy.It s time to harvest the winter wheat, and at the same time, it s are cbd gummies allowed on airplane from usa to canada time to prepare for the sowing of the spring wheat.And it was at this important time that the castle affairs officer received reports from many village affairs officers under his jurisdiction, saying that a large area of winter wheat on the farm had been destructively plundered.Can you go out and look for it now Gray asked the magician next to him.Sol shook his head and said Goblins live in the dark red rain green leaf cbd gummies for tinnitus forest all year round, and their night vision ability is very strong, and they are used to night activities.Their fighting power at night is probably at least twice stronger than during the day.I don t know the terrain here, it s so dark at night that it s easy to go the wrong way, and then not only can t find anyone, but if someone is wrong, you ll get yourself in Gray looked at the crackling bonfire, listened to the According to Er s analysis, he already had a decision in his heart.He actually didn t agree to go out to search now, but the expressions on the faces of the remaining nine cavalrymen couldn t be more obvious.His question just now was just telling the truth through Sol s mouth.After a while, Sol still had no intention of stopping.The cavalry in charge of security had already killed several small groups of goblins.Gray was a little anxious.It is said that a fully equipped human soldier can single out more than a dozen goblins, but ten people can only run away when they encounter hundreds of goblins.Suddenly, a cavalryman in charge of guarding high places shouted A large group of goblins are coming here, about 500 people, my God Why do they have iron weapons in how do i get cbd gummies their hands Gray was startled , hurriedly said to Sol Your Excellency Sol, we think we are leaving here Sol just heard the cavalry how do i get cbd gummies call, looked up and glanced around, and when he found Gray, he ignored what Gray said just now He said in a serious and earnest manner Just for a moment, this is very important, very very important Seeing Sol s serious application, Gray was taken aback for a moment, and then made a decision.The thirteenth quarter is signed, let s be happy first The late night in early spring was a bit cold, and the air was covered with a thin layer of frost.Gray stayed on the top of the mountain, and Sol had no intention of leaving.Time passed bit by bit, until the sky turned pale, and there was still no movement.Sol s frown has not been loosened since the beginning, Isn t what do cbd gummies treat it like that Or is our plan botanical farms cbd gummies website how do i get cbd gummies exposed Already he said to himself.Erfei also reached the top of the mountain at this time, Your Excellency Sol, if the other party is smart enough, they must make a quick decision, and this is the best time to launch a sneak attack, am I right Gray Knight, it is obviously a good show It s only just begun It wasn t until Erfei spoke that Gray and Sol realized that there was an extra figure behind them, not because they were not vigilant enough, but because they put all their attention on the camp in the distance.He glanced at Catri, then turned to face Sir Dale but didn t say anything, because he didn t know what to say, and Catri was the same.Say scared.Sir Dale obviously knew what was going on.He walked slowly to the sofa in the hall and sat down, then motioned for Gray and Katri to sit down as well.He watched the two children sit down and sighed slightly in his heart.After a long silence, Sir Dale said Grey, Katri awesome cbd gummies is a good child.She is very kind, but sometimes her personality is a bit extreme.She has no other intentions.I hope you don t blame how do i get cbd gummies her Katri lowered her head, Without speaking, Gray took a few deep breaths, Uncle Dale, don t worry, I won t take it to heart.Sir Dale seemed to be planning to have a long talk, Grey, Catri, my children, I know the resentment deep in your heart , and those ambitions, my father and I are the same as you, and I also came from your stage.Gund was drafted away, which was a common thing, and Gray could have refused, but he didn t because he found that all the knights had been drafted.Time passed slowly, and the corpses were finally sorted out when the sun was about to set.The corpses of goblins were piled up in several piles like garbage.No one prayed to the goddess Sally, and the fire was lit.Most of the human kingdoms believe in the goddess Sari, who is the embodiment of light and the messenger of justice.Not long after, there was a burning smell in the air, which made Gray s head dizzy.The cavalry brigade at the goblin s main camp was still tightly surrounded, as if there was some secret.An order came from above, asking the troops to set up camp ten miles away from the entrance of the forest where the goblin leader escaped just now.The magician was only a dozen steps away, and five soldiers had fallen at this moment.Grey Be careful Thor roared, running very how many cbd gummies can be taken in a day fast.Gray heard the words and turned his head to look, a fireball was getting bigger and bigger in Gray s eyes, and Gray didn t care about other things, he grabbed a goblin who was rushing towards him and threw it towards the fireball.With a muffled sound of Boom , the body of the thrown goblin instantly turned into a large ball of fire.Get out of the way Gray yelled, and his body immediately dodged to the left.Seeing that the six goblins were about to cast spells cbd gummies for gout pain again, Gray grabbed the corpse of the goblin that had just been cut down on the ground and threw it out.The magician was knocked unconscious immediately, and then he threw the saber in his hand.Go out and stab another one to death, and the other soldiers follow suit and kill two magicians too In the end, the remaining two magicians were eliminated by Thor s two fireballs.But Gray knew that Thor did this to preserve his strength against Barr, so he didn t blame him too much.Gray quickly climbed the stairs.He knew that there was no goblin here.He had observed clearly from the high ground over there just now.Barr was obviously very confident in his strength.The closer to the altar, the stronger the disgusting smell in Gray s nose, this smell makes people sick There is a huge magic circle drawn on the altar, and it is shining red at the moment.There is a pool next to the magic circle, and the inside is blushing, like blood.There is a whole pool of blood, and there is still a trace of blood on the surface of the pool.Golden halo.The unpleasant smell came from the pool just now, Gray resisted the nausea, Sol said to stop the ceremony The ceremony has already begun How to stop it Do you want to get rid of these magic circles Gray was about to try to wipe it off with his feet when a soldier next to him walked into the magic circle out of curiosity.Gray glanced at them, and immediately stepped forward to take the spears from one of the soldiers.Gray held the spear, walked back and forth a few steps after taking a few steps, then he raised the spear in his hand violently and threw it out, piercing the center of the magic circle.The same tiny flame flashed, and the spear was instantly burned to black ashes, but Gray saw that the burning speed of the spear head was relatively slower.Although Gray didn t learn magic, he knows magic.This should be a fire spell, but any spell needs to be exchanged with the magic net.This spell should last less than a few times, and it seems that this spell can only be burned passively Something that enters the magic circle.Thinking of this, Gray hurriedly said Quick Throw all the things you can throw into it Although the remaining four soldiers were very afraid of the magic circle, how do i get cbd gummies they just followed Gray s demonstration and nothing happened.Almost fell off the how do i get cbd gummies altar.Gray s brain suddenly went blank, he seemed to hear someone calling him, and the tinnitus in his right ear was a bit severe, Gray shook his head, his head suddenly became clearer, and he was barely able to stand up.Several soldiers have fallen, and it is not known whether they are dead or alive.Sol and his mentor Barr are fighting next to the magic circle, and the surrounding magic elements are rioting.Gray turned his head and looked at his body on the right, it s okay This knight s armor is quite powerful, and its ability to resist magic is very good, but the impact of magic just now may have caused a slight fracture.Barr is law about selling fake cbd gummies now fighting magic with his disciple Sol, obviously not noticing that Gray has stood up, Sol s strength is obviously beyond Barr s expectation.Although Barr retreated, he still protected the magic circle.The fight between Gray and Barr just now happened between lightning and flint.Just as Sol was about to destroy the magic circle, Barr blocked his way.I m here to pester him, you go and destroy the magic circle Saul stared at Barr, glanced at Gray and said quickly.After speaking, he fought magic with Baal again.Gray didn t talk too much, and walked to the side of the magic circle in a few steps, Boy How dare you Barr screamed.Gray sneered in his heart, ignoring Barr s ugly voice.You are courting death Barr seemed to have made up his mind, and suddenly used a powerful magical energy to knock Sol out, and at the same time sent out a magical arcane bullet towards Gray.Gray was startled, gave up decisively, and rolled to the side to avoid it.Gray didn t feel the color of the red how do i get cbd gummies wine disgusting at the moment, so he picked it up and drank it one sip at a time.After a while, Saul and Mark just fell asleep on the sofa.Maybe it was because he was really tired these few days, and Gray also fell into a dream in a daze.After a night of nothing, Gray woke up just after dawn the next day.Saul and Mark had disappeared, so Gray stood up and moved his stiff body.Grey Perhaps he heard the noise in the hall, and Saul s voice came from the dining room.Breakfast is very simple, white bread and sausage, plus a bowl of wheat porridge.Before dark, Gray led nearly 3,000 soldiers to Herrien City.Looking at the familiar gates of the city wall, Gray, who had only been away for less than ten days, felt as if decades had passed.The current city of Herien has been completely under martial law, the city gates are tightly closed, and there is no pedestrian outside the city.Behind him was the huge family emblem intertwined hempbombs cbd gummies now nutrition cbd gummies with swords and roses.Calmly glanced at the nobleman sitting in front of him, Earl Lockton said You must have known about Sir Garnard.We have lost a brave warrior His soul will guide us to move on When how do i get cbd gummies Earl Lockton spoke, no one dared to challenge his authority.Apart from the breathing of everyone in the hall, only his clear voice echoed.This Gray knight Earl Lockton pointed lyfe medi cbd gummies to Gray standing on the right side of his throne, then glanced at all the nobles present, and said, He has proved his courage.From now on, Sir Gray will Be the new captain of my knight guard Section 35 The nobles in the hall in charge of the knight guard have already noticed the young knight who came out with the earl, but what they didn t expect was that he turned out to be Lockton The earl s newly appointed captain of the guard.From a distance, it seemed that even the river was splitting the way how much cbd gummy should i take for anxiety for their arrival.The sentinels on the west bank were very conscientious, and the moment Gray ordered the troops to go into the water, they blew the warning magic whistle.Viscount Dunner was obviously taken aback by Earl Lockton s big action at the beginning, and he immediately prepared to meet the enemy, but Sir Carl, the captain of the guard next to him, said Master Dunner, their purpose is to pull out our tower, We can t fight in a hurry, we have an advantage in terms of time We can send an infantry brigade to try them first You are letting them go to death, and there are now nutrition cbd gummies cbd oil or gummies at least 5,000 people pressing up on the opposite side A nobleman immediately retorted.Viscount Dunner obviously hadn t adjusted from the transition of offense and defense.The commander of the brigade that Viscount Dunner ventured into was completely unaware of his danger.He watched the enemy army greet a brigade of infantry, and even imagined what reward he would get after defeating the enemy However, at this moment, a dark cloud seemed to suddenly rise from the enemy s formation He immediately looked up, and was suddenly covered in cold sweat.Before he could react, his body was nailed to the ground by several short spears, and Yin Hong s blood spilled all over the ground.This kind of thing happened to many people in this brigade at the same time In the how do i get cbd gummies forty first quarter, a brigade of infantry fighting against Viscount Dunner was too aggressive and did not have time to defend.After a round of spear shooting, only half of them were left.Just as they were still in shock, a row of dense spears suddenly pierced.More and more people died of starvation, either because of the desire to survive, or because they were encouraged by others, and some were led by others.Move towards the official road west of Meida Town.As time went by, more and more refugees gathered, and the official roads were full of refugees.The defenders in Meida Town were alarmed, and they had to send soldiers to drive them away to ensure the passage of the official road.The refugees were self conscious at first, and when they saw soldiers coming, they quickly dodged to both sides of the road and let them come to drive them away.The soldiers are very satisfied.But just when the soldiers were taking their guard lightly, a group of refugees appeared out of nowhere, and when they came up, they killed a soldier and took his weapon, and then more soldiers were killed and their weapons were taken away.After a while, several scouts stayed on alert, while the other scouts returned to the original path.Vic stared at the leaving scouts and said Let the troops pay attention, the enemy army is coming soon After that, he leaned down and put his ears close to the ground.Ruina was suddenly very nervous.She took a few deep breaths, but she still couldn t relieve it.She thought for a while, took out a small mirror from her pocket, and looked at the scars on her face seriously in front of the mirror.get relief.Faen next to him turned his head away when he saw this scene, not wanting to look any further.Not long after, there was a weak tremor on the ground, and Rui Na immediately ordered Qi Sen next to him, You go to the entrance yourself.If the enemy troops enter the valley, immediately seal the entrance as planned Qi Sen nodded and quickly After leaving, Rena turned to Vic and said, Please take someone to kill the enemy scouts at the exit and block cbd gummies and smoking weed the exit Don t worry Miss Reina Looking at Vic who left, Rena glanced at Faen, then stared at the silent official road below, with a sense of masculinity in her heart, Let the soldiers prepare, Uncle Fann As the ground shook more cbd gummy delta 8 and more intensely, the enemy s 3,000 cavalrymen were getting closer and closer, Ruina watched the nervous soldiers around her frown, she calmed down.The rest of the troops were already slowly retreating towards their barracks, and the fire behind them gradually diminished in the rain.Suddenly, Gray s mind flashed, and he muttered to himself Water Fire Rain River water in silence.When Gray reached the middle of the Enni River, he suddenly raised his head and asked Luken beside him, Where s the scout named Vic Sir Gray Before Luken could answer, a voice came from behind Gray.Vic s voice.Gray immediately turned his head Tell those refugees, let them find h cbd gummies a way to drag Viscount Dunner s army to Meijia Town, now nutrition cbd gummies any request they have can be granted, even if they are canonized nobles, and the number of places is not limited Everyone around was shocked, their faces full of disbelief, Vic frowned Sir Gray, Viscount Dunner s troops still have can cbd gummies help to stop smoking at least 10,000 people Yes, we can agree to any request they have Gray repeated what he had just said.Sir Gray Suddenly a familiar female voice came from behind, but Gray couldn t remember it all at once.Gray looked back, and it turned out how do i get cbd gummies to be Reina, so he asked, What Are you also in Meijia Town Reina nodded, Of course, my home is here, and I will come back to take back my own property Then she He asked again When will the title of knight promised by the earl be honored Gray s heart moved, but his face remained calm, Don t worry, it should be just a few days Rena gave Gray a serious look, and then changed the topic A big event happened in Meijia Town some time ago What big event The lord of Meijia Town, Baron Oran s family was killed how do i get cbd gummies on the way back to Meijia Town.At the same time, Baron Oran in Meijia Town was also killed Poisoned to death at my own dining table Reina said in such a low voice that Gray could only hear him when he was very close.Sol had obviously traveled a long way, and a thick layer of how do i get cbd gummies plaster was evident on his body Section 60 Trading In such how do i get cbd gummies an environment, it is easy to relax Gray called Luken and asked him to remove the knight armor he was wearing.Gray, who was extremely relaxed, was lying on the green grass.The sun was scorching high above, and Gray blocked the light with his hands Eating barbecue, drinking wine, and enjoying the beautiful scenery, it is really a free day.It was difficult for the soldiers to have the opportunity to eat fresh meat, and all of them were in full swing, but they couldn t drink wine at this time Sol didn t talk about anything serious at this time either, he was obviously starving how do i get cbd gummies and ate more than anyone else.After everyone had eaten and drank enough, the Knight of Center led the soldiers to guard the surroundings.Sol took a sip of his wine and continued, The Earl is old, and he is paving the way for Miss Nesha He has to do this.Gray listened quietly, drinking non stop.Saul stared at Gray and said Actually, you already knew it in your heart, but you just don t want to believe it.You should forget the knight dogma you learned since childhood, unless you want to be just a knight for the rest of your life Sir, the Earl will not do anything until he has the confidence to deal with them all at once.Not only will it not do you any good if you report this, but you will also be at odds with a large group of nobles, and the Earl will find other reasons to take back the Philip Family and the title of the Rick family.Gray hempbombs cbd gummies now nutrition cbd gummies glanced at Sol, then stared at the vast grassland I think you should become the lord of one of these three towns, and the other two towns, Lord Earl Most of them will be integrated into a town, and then appoint a mayor, without a lord, he wants to rule by himself Sol didn t deny it, This possibility is the greatest, but Don t you want to own the Fort Gethen you captured Gray frowned, how do i get cbd gummies Do you think this how do i get cbd gummies is possible Sol patted Gray focl cbd gummies reviews on the shoulder , Nothing is impossible.Answer what I just said, Sir Gray Earl Lockton motioned Gray to sit down.Gray has never now nutrition cbd gummies cbd oil or gummies considered this issue, but as Neisha s riding instructor, Gray still knows Neisha better.She is a typical noble lady.Her excellent upbringing makes anyone feel very happy to be with her and easy.Although Nesha is not particularly beautiful, she has an agile beauty.She will be a qualified wife.Gray thought for a while My lord, if you are serious, I don t think I have any reason to refuse Lockton The earl nodded Neisha is very smart, do you know why he often approaches you Because you are her best marriage partner, she sees it very clearly Gray had no choice but to pick up the coffee again and drink Take a sip.The Earl of Lockton continued She is destined to inherit the title of earl, and our family must also pass it on.This case is the last test I will give you.Facts have proved that your wisdom is as powerful as your strength You can clearly see the relationship between them and use the resources in your hands to trade with others.This is a how do i get cbd gummies The most basic way of life for the nobles If you chose to announce the affairs of Mulla and the others Then, I can only push you out.Although I can save your life by then, your future will be ruined.I hope, fortunately, you didn t disappoint me in the end Gray was shocked when he heard this, it turned out that he was actually walking on a tightrope a few days ago, and if he was not careful, he would never turn back.As for the group of Baron Mulla, there is no way to deal with them for the time being, and they are still useful now.It is a pity to deal with them.If it is time to deal with them, it is actually very simple.Gray didn t even think about the proposal to expand Gesun Town, so he immediately rejected it because there was not enough money Who wouldn t want to expand if the conditions were right However, Gray immediately approved the construction of some entertainment buildings proposed by Sir Wright later, such as casinos, brothels, racetracks, etc., but the money would have to be discussed after the next quarter s tax revenue.The 1,000 gold coins in Gray s hand were to be kept for the war.Before he was not in charge, he had to go to the logistics office to get everything.Now it is not so convenient.All the equipment and materials for the soldiers have to be prepared by Gray himself.There are a lot of useless equipment in the equipment warehouse in Fort Gessen, but all of them need to be reforged by a blacksmith before they can be used.The sword is densely carved with small characters, and its symbolic meaning is greater than its practical significance how do i get cbd gummies I will charge for you, Lord Baron Rina replied immediately.Gray nodded, and Rina stepped back to stand behind Gray, Luken Gray shouted again under Maester Mick s reminder.Section 66 Small Meeting Gesenberg s original study room was small, on the left side of the meeting hall, and without windows, it was like a small prison cell.Assassination, because the lord usually receives some important guests in the study.Gray didn t like working in that environment.He ordered the original study to be completely converted into a secret room.The new study was a spacious circular room surrounded by windows.In this room, open the window when working, and look up, you can see the vast world outside the city, instead of a cold corner, the breeze blowing by, can relieve the boredom caused by long hours of work.The Arcane Society is an organization formed by a group of magicians, and it is currently the largest magician organization.The specific time when this organization appeared has long been unable to be verified.Their members are not only human beings, but all intelligent creatures on Alan Continent can join, the premise is that you must be a magician, and you must have the recommendation of their internal members.Will the secret hempbombs cbd gummies now nutrition cbd gummies law participate in the struggle of any forces on the mainland They are organized together to maintain the stability of the magic net, and how do i get cbd gummies equilibria cbd gummies at the same time explore the secrets of ancient times.Of course, the study of magic must be indispensable.To put it bluntly, the Secret Law Association is similar to the bachelors in the human continent, but the job of the bachelors is to inherit human civilization, and their job is to pass on the knowledge of magic, of course In order to inherit magic, it is indispensable to maintain the stability and security of the magic net.This kind of thing is still in theory, and no experiments have been conducted Sol He didn t know that his magic circle could attract the attention of the members of the secret society.After thinking about it for a few seconds, he went to his bookshelf and took out a thick book.I have botanical farms cbd gummies website how do i get cbd gummies recorded all the research on this magic circle Saul said while handing the book to Jennina, Actually, there are not many difficulties.I modified it based on the most common fireball magic circle.It s just replacing the terminology of the medium, but for the sake of stability, I deliberately use the most stable earth magic element among all magic elements as the intermediate value.As soon as Janina got Suoer s notes, she didn t care about other things, and quickly flipped through the notes.See, Saul looked at her, and reminded again This best cbd gummies that get you high magic should be cast when the magic net is most stable Our secret law will call that kind of day a cycle day Zenina continued to stare Look through the notes.Sir Lante sneered When you abandoned the townspeople, why didn t you think of hempbombs cbd gummies now nutrition cbd gummies them, and now you show a knight s face in front of me again, I feel disgusted Did you really betray the Baron The middle aged man was how do i get cbd gummies full of disbelief.Sir Lant said in a serious tone I don Division of Camiguin how do i get cbd gummies t give my allegiance to anyone now, I only give my allegiance to myself Sir, how can there be such selfish thoughts The two looked at each other for how do i get cbd gummies a long time, and the middle aged man finally said You will regret it Walking to the market, slowly disappearing into the crowd.What the middle aged man didn t know was that not long after he walked out of Sir Rand s house, Rena, who was training soldiers, received a report from the spies.Your Baron has the foresight to keep Sir Lant.How long has your Lord Baron been away, and you have attracted so many people Luken, who was next to him, was a Division of Camiguin how do i get cbd gummies little bit impressed by Gray s tricks.She was full of interest in the strong vitality of Gray and Sol.Miss Janina, I wonder how your research is going This was Saul s voice.He was a little bit troubled by the female magician now, and she didn t seem to have any intention of leaving.Zhenina showed a confused look According to what you said, your medium is the pool of life essence and blood Then, if your magic is completely successful, your life span will be very long, even longer than elves.It s a little longer, but I can t figure out the specific exchange formula, because there is no basis for reference.Saul reminded Janina This is not a one time magic, but a consumable magic.You should not calculate how much life is exchanged, but how long the vitality in our body can last Janina nodded Of course I know this, so I said, your life span will be longer than elves After a pause, Janina said again Your Excellency Saul, do you want to join our secret society Be your introducer Saul was startled when cbd gummies outlawed he heard this.He quickly bowed and said, No If it can be done, I ll do it now Wait a minute Gray s expression suddenly became peaceful, and he smiled slightly, You don t need to organize it, go and cbd 1000mg gummy dose call Sir Lant He was a knight, and he was born as a commoner, which gave him a little prestige in the Gesenberg territory.As long as Luken s hands are stained with the blood of these hundreds of people Then, his prestige will drop to freezing point in an instant.As a knight, you must not let the people fear you, but let the people respect you.This is very different from a lord.Let them fear your authority.After receiving the order, Luken quickly exited the study.Sir Lant, as Gray s special advisor, works in the castle hall, and he has to deal with trivial matters in the territory.Soon, Ruken was back, of course, with Ser Lant at his side.They were so familiar with this vibration feeling.The sentry immediately climbed up the sentry tower regardless hempbombs cbd gummies now nutrition cbd gummies of other things.Suddenly, a chill spread all over his body.Beep Beep Although fear spread in the hearts of the sentries, they still dutifully blew the magic whistle.However, when the magic whistle blew, the cavalry had already entered the camp, and there were rows of rejecting horses in the corner, where they had been thrown out of sight by those officers who thought it was troublesome for many days.The magic whistle caused the soldiers near the camp gate to react, and the officer also walked out of his tent.Quick Resist the horse A middle aged man in knight armor shouted loudly, and the experienced veterans were already preparing.Quick Formation Formation Don t let them rush in The soldiers who rushed over formed a thin defensive line under the scolding of the officers.These soldiers moved very quickly and could form a line in such a short period of time.The line of defense is not only something that can be done with good training.Because this line of defense is destined to be ruthlessly trampled by the enemy.Sir Sven grinned ferociously, and the few arrows nailed to his knight armor were useless.The speed of the cavalry was very fast.When they swept past, the fragile line of defense collapsed within five minutes of resistance, but Sir Sven also paid the lives of dozens of soldiers, which made him very unhappy.This line of defense seemed extremely fragile, but how do i get cbd gummies equilibria cbd gummies it was necessary for its existence.Their sacrifices provided precious time for the deployment of the troops behind.Sir Sven knew that he couldn t charge any more, and he would have to explain this point here.stiff.Punk is very smart.He knows that what Gray lacks most who sells cbd gummies near me now is a knight who is loyal to him and also trusted by Gray, and he is confident that he can be qualified for this title and gain Gray s trust.If you can really successfully assassinate Tyke, I will recommend you, Mr.Punk Rena finally said.After Punk heard the words, he raised his head and said, You will get what you want, Knight Rina, and I and my descendants will remember your generosity Rina didn t expect the other party to be so cautious, cbd sour gummies review she stood up Come on, stare at Punk You can go and prepare your things Punk saluted and left, and when he walked to the door of the big tent, Rena said again Mr.Watching you, watching you all the time, if you dare to do any harm to Lord Baron, you .

do cbd gummies interact with any medications?

will regret coming to this world Time will tell, Knight Rena Punk left after saying this tent.Within five minutes, Sir Lant came to Gray s side, My lord, are you looking for me Gray raised his head, looked at Sir Lant, and asked first, That little lord must have nowhere to go Of course, Lord Baron, unless he is not in this camp Sir Lant replied very simply.Gray looked at the camp ahead and said, I need you to lead two hundred cavalry and quietly lie in ambush on their left flank.Around ten o clock in the evening, the battle should start.At that time, I need you to unplug the opponent s trebuchet and Heavy crossbow Sir Lant heard the military order, and immediately bowed his body Yes, my lord.Gray kept staring at Sir Lant s leaving figure until he could no longer look back, and then he was surrounded by a group of soldiers.The guards came down to the battle formation of the Sente knights.Soldiers protection, this should not be difficult.Gray saw that Luken was getting weaker and weaker, so he ordered the soldiers to take good care of Luken, and then asked Sir Lant to be recruited.Within five minutes, Sir Lant came to Gray s side, My lord, are you looking for me Gray raised his head, looked at Sir Lant, and asked first, That little lord must have nowhere to go Of course, Lord Baron, unless he is kratom cbd gummies not in this camp Sir Lant replied very simply.Gray looked at the camp ahead and said, I need you to lead two hundred cavalry and quietly lie in ambush on their how do i get cbd gummies smilz cbd gummies side effects left flank.Around ten o clock in the evening, the battle should start.At that time, I need you to unplug the opponent s trebuchet and Heavy crossbow Sir Lant heard the military order, and immediately bowed his body Yes, my lord.Gray was taken aback, he didn t expect that the other party would really agree to come to his barracks to meet, Gray looked at the middle aged bachelor seriously, and said again I mean, let him come to my barracks to meet me The middle aged bachelor nodded, Of course, Lord Viscount is very sincere to talk to you Gray said Yes , his eyes flickered, after thinking for a while, he turned to glance at Rena beside him, and shouted, Knight Rena I m here Baron On my behalf, go to their side and meet Viscount Keith Reina immediately agreed, Yes Baron Punk Gray shouted again.Punk immediately went out to salute, Lord Baron Gray stared at him and said, You go with Knight Rena Yes Lord Baron Since the other party can have such sincerity, Gray will naturally not be stingy, He sent his captain of guards to show his sincerity.The soldiers on the city wall and the guards in the city were all Gray s people.Case followed in the team entering the city, and was guarded by Punk.He was wearing the cbd gummies high in calories clothes of an ordinary soldier.Through the gap between the soldiers, he was quietly observing Gray s back, and the rein in his hand was pulled tightly by him.Seriously, at the age of 18, he deeply understands the feeling of being taken over from the territory that his family has operated for hundreds of years.Will I ever come back again Case kept asking himself this question in his heart.He understood that even if Gray helped him capture Covind City, the price would probably be huge.Never return to this land.When his troops attacked the Viscount Marne s camp, most of them were damaged, with less than 2,000 people.Case turned his head to look at the man who was born as a mercenary, his attention was always on himself, and Case was sure that if there was anything wrong with him, he would be beheaded on the spot.Center first glanced at Sir Sven, who was bowing his head and saying nothing, then stared at Case and said Baron Cage told me before going out, everything is up to you, since you asked me so, I will go back and write immediately.After finishing speaking, Sente got up and left, returning to his tent.Gray received the letter from Center, which happened to be the second day after the bonfire party, and he immediately gave Sir Lant an order to complete the recruitment task he had given before within three days.After Sir Lant received the order, he quickly issued the same order to the officials below, but the time limit was shortened to two days, and several dereliction of duty officials were also dealt with.As a result, the recruitment work that had been going on for almost half a month was officially completed in just one and a half days As for the methods used by the officials below, as long as there is no major problem, neither Gray nor Sir Lant will pay attention to it at this time.Case suddenly asked Those captured knights are still there The battle under the city wall would not end for the time being, Case looked back and said, Give me their information, it seems that these people are finally It can come in handy After finishing speaking, he turned and botanical farms cbd gummies website how do i get cbd gummies left the high ground, and walked towards his barracks, and the guards around him immediately followed with their swords up.It was just over ten minutes away, and Case quickly returned to his tent.In the current weather, staying in the tent during the day would be too hot to death.Not long after Keith sat down, Siven came in with the documents of the captured knights.Keith got up quickly, grabbed the documents from Siven, and put them on the table to look through.These materials are all the confessions of those knights, with other knights as evidence, basically there will be no mistakes.In addition, Viscount Baran was even more moved by Doru s ability to return to Covind City at this juncture.Viscount Baran even told Doru immediately that how do i get cbd gummies as long as Viscount Keith s troops were repelled this time, he would immediately be canonized as a knight guard captain of the guard.As for why not canonize now, Balaam is not that stupid yet.When Duolu heard Balan s promise, he could only smile wryly in his heart.He tried every means to offer advice to Balan, and even took the risk of framing the first order heir of Kovind at that time, Balan s elder brother, just to be able to wait one day.Balaam came to the throne and rewarded him with a piece of land, making him a real noble But now, Dolu couldn t be happy, but on the surface Dolu was very happy, and took the opportunity to recite the oath again.How much do you need Five thousand gold coins Wright took a deep breath secretly and announced a number.Gray was taken aback when he heard the figures reported by Sir Lant.This amount of money is enough to arm an entire infantry regiment.He stared at Wright, who looked very serious.Gray asked again How much money can I have in the next quarter Taxes Wright had already prepared for it, and quickly replied after hearing the words Because the northern territory is temporarily impossible to have income, conservatively estimated, there will be about 7,000 gold coins in taxes, dividends and taxes from charcoal transactions, because I don t have specific data , not counted Hearing this, Gray lowered his head and thought for a while, and then said Okay You can go to Butler Ren to get the money later Wright s eyes lit up, nodded and said Alright, Lord Viscount, I Okay, you can do the specific things slowly, and we won t talk about it Gray waved his hand to interrupt Wright who was still talking, paused, and continued Do how do i get cbd gummies you have anyone to recommend for the mayor candidate of the three important towns Mayor candidate Sir Wright was startled when how do i get cbd gummies he heard the words, and unconsciously put away the faint smile on his face, and looked at it carefully.Occupying the three major territories of Herrien, Harlans and Kovind Zamba said very casually, when the other two heard the words, they all turned their heads to look at Zamba, which shocked Zamba There are two earls and four viscounts in the entire autonomous territory in the south, and Gray Cage actually owns nearly half of them Although Zamba spoke casually, the information he revealed was incomparably huge.Zamba, don t how do i get cbd gummies say such things in the future Punk seemed to forget the pain in his back, he got up and stared at Zamba with an unprecedentedly serious tone.Zamba nodded, he still has this bit of wisdom.Luwa, it s been almost five years since our three brothers accidentally learned that secret Punk had already sat up straight, and he kept rubbing his temples with his thumbs.Luwa nodded If their plan comes true, the entire Alan continent will be in flames of war, and all forces will be reshuffled, even the elves and dwarves cannot be avoided, so we came to the southern border, because it should be considered the time to come.The meaning of Bachelor Meek is obvious.The enfeoffment of nobles can bring a steady stream of knights to the territory.These people are instilled with the idea of loyalty to the Gray family when they are born.If there is no Division of Camiguin how do i get cbd gummies such people, Gray s territory will be destroyed in a few decades.There is no one available.Seeing that Gray didn t listen to the truth, Maester Meek began to talk about benefits.When he said this, it was tantamount to telling Gray that retainers are an indispensable part of the inheritance of a great nobleman.The retainers and the great nobles depend on each other, and the retainers fight for the lord.For this reason, they can sacrifice their lives, and the great nobles give them what they deserve.Status and affluent life.Gray s eyebrows kept beating non stop, and he gently rubbed them with his thumbs.Gray hadn t heard someone call himself that for a long time, and felt an extra cordiality.Gray got off his horse, walked over quickly, and shouted in the same way Sol Haha Sol laughed, I feel like I haven t seen you for many years Gray was stunned, seeing that nothing had changed Saul, said That s exactly what I want to say Okay, you two big men, don t be so sore here, I m getting goosebumps Zenina said angrily at this time.Saul smiled slightly Let s go, hand over your men to Hawan, we re going to get drunk tonight It s going to be really hard for the two of you to get drunk Janina giggled.My lord Punk took a step forward at this time and walked to Gray s side, apparently to ask where he and others were going.It was impossible how do i get cbd gummies for him to really listen to Sol s arrangement like this.Gray was very satisfied with Punk s reaction.Earl Lockton didn t hempbombs cbd gummies now nutrition cbd gummies know Gray s current feelings.He grabbed Gray s right hand, then put his daughter s right hand on Gray s hand, and said Grey, I will leave Nesha to you.Of course, I will leave it to you soon.In the future, Herrien will still lead a piece of land, and I will give it to you, I hope you will not let me down I will do my best, my lord father Gray said seriously, just saying My lord father Very unnatural.Nesha smiled faintly.She took two steps forward and stood beside Gray, holding Gray s arm.At this time, Knap, Earl Lockton s court scholar, walked over from the side, walked to the bottom of the steps, turned around, and said to the many nobles below Everyone, under your witness, Viscount Cage and Miss Nesha has become a legal couple, and their marriage will be protected by the goddess Bachelor Knapp s voice was very low, and there were too many people in the hall, so only the people in the front rows could hear him What the hell was said.Both of them were taken aback, and panic appeared on their faces involuntarily Before they could say a word, the dagger was already close to Gray s throat.Ding Just when everyone was desperate, suddenly, another dagger was inserted horizontally from the side, and the dagger that was about to stab Gray s throat was pushed aside.Gray s reaction was quick, and he didn t have time to see who saved him.He leaned back, then hugged Neisha with his backhand, and rolled with him, leading him to the side.When Gray stood up and looked out towards the sound of fighting, he saw two maids fighting each other with a dagger in their hands.The two of them are very skilled, obviously not real maids.Go and help Gray shouted at the dazed guard beside him.Go Earl Lockton also ordered.The soldiers were ordered by Earl Lockton and were preparing to surround them.At this moment, Sol had already walked in.When he saw the woman in Gray s arms, he knew what was going on.He quickly squatted down and cast a spell on her wound.This is poison, I can try it Zhenina quietly appeared beside her.Upon hearing this, Gray immediately handed over the woman in his arms to Zhenina.Janina hugged the woman, and then grabbed Saul, a teleportation magic, and disappeared in front of everyone.Who is she Nesha grabbed Gray s sleeve, she bit her lip lightly, and asked in a low voice.Gray lowered his head and thought for a while, he didn t know who that person was, and that look seemed to be the assassin who assassinated him last time, but Gray couldn t figure out why she wanted to save himself, I really don t know about this Locke Earl Dun thought for a while and said She should also come to assassinate you, but I don t know why she suddenly changed her mind later.Thousands of years ago, the human kingdom had the strength to completely wipe out the orcs.Why didn t they do that Bate took the opportunity to ask this question.When Maester Meek heard his student s question, he frowned, shook his head and said, I don t know about this how do i get cbd gummies question, it s still a mystery Pate also knew that it was a mystery, and he didn t expect his teacher to know it.know the answer.Suddenly, Pate remembered that he was looking for a teacher.Seeing that Maester Mick was about to open the book again, he said quickly Teacher, I advise you to give up assassinating Sir Wright.You can t succeed.If there are no accidents , the castle guards already know about this Boom Boom A sudden knock on the door interrupted what Maester Mick was about to say.Chapter 123 Come in Maester Meek shouted towards the door.The Land of Herrien borders the Land of Aegisa, and the Land of Aegisa borders the Land of Teth.PS The above does not count your word count, this is for the convenience of reading the next few chapters.After coming out of the secret room, half an hour had passed.Gregor couldn t do it.After he came out, he told the guard Change the torch inside, and change a few candles.Don t let anything happen to Baron Mulla.He is now Very important The guards naturally complied, after all, this is not a big deal.After leaving the secret room, Gray went to the front hall to show his face first, and was about to chat with Nesha, but was called to the study by one of Earl Lockton s personal guards.At this moment, there are many more candles in the study than before, making the originally dark study brightly lit, and every place can be seen clearly.Sometimes he even thinks that it s okay to divide up those lands, so that he can save worry and don t have to think about so many things, but his reason tells He, it s best not to start this.It was the sound of knocking on the door that interrupted Gray s meditation.Come in.As the door opened, the sound of two people s footsteps entered Gray s ears, and then came the voices of Punk and Hamp Master Viscount, are you looking for us You sit first.Grey didn t have to look now nutrition cbd gummies cbd oil or gummies back, he seemed unwilling to take back his gaze at the city of Harlans.Punk, tell me, why do people always like to joke about their own lives Grey turned his back to the two of them, and his flat tone seemed cbd gummies oil to be talking about homework.Punk didn t know why Gray said that suddenly, he thought for a while and said Maybe, there are too many jokes in the world, and it is worth betting your life Bar Gray heard Punk s words, but turned around and looked at Punk seriously.Gray nodded, I will keep your achievements in mind.At this point in the conversation, Gray suddenly stared into Punk s eyes and asked, Knight Punk, what do you think of the cbd gummies frisco new decree that was initially discussed in the meeting hall that day Punk didn t expect Gray to ask him this question, he how do i get cbd gummies I don t know how to answer.You took refuge in me because my territory has not been subdivided yet Gray s face was full of smiles.Hearing this, a chill rose in Punk s heart.He subconsciously wanted to explain, but before he could say anything, Gray continued to say Will you be disappointed with the appearance of this decree Master Viscount Punke stood up abruptly, Please believe in my loyalty For this kind of thing, Punk knew that it was best not to explain at this time, and expressing his attitude was the best choice.He can t how do i get cbd gummies have other ideas, and hempbombs cbd gummies now nutrition cbd gummies it won t do him any good Gray said Whether there is any benefit, we have to wait I will find out after investigating After that, Gray stood up, and he continued Scholar, you have no right to stay in my territory now, but I will accept your suggestion, and your disciple will take over from you position, you Division of Camiguin how do i get cbd gummies can leave now.Gray believed that Maester Mick s intention was not to really assassinate Sir Wright, but with this maester s .

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how long for cbd gummies to leave system?

status in the castle and Gray s absence from the castle, if he really made up his mind Assassinate Wright, then now, Gray can collect Wright s body.But by doing this, Bachelor Mick is challenging the bottom line of a lord, so he must get the punishment he deserves.When Maester Mick heard Gray s words, it was the same as he expected, Master Viscount, then, farewell He saluted Gray as he said., Their purpose is to let me slow down the pace of Viscount Cage, but in the end, they are the ones who gain, and we are the ones who suffer.There is no such good thing in this world. However, he has already pulled You are in the water, can we still explain clearly Or will Viscount Cage listen to our explanation You know, that Division of Camiguin how do i get cbd gummies is Sir Lant The worried expression on Qiman s face was fully revealed.This is the effect they want Case s eyes flickered, How is Sir Lant now Chiman frowned The Knights of Sente have blocked all the news, and we can t detect it at all, but Lant After all, Sir Te is too old, so I m afraid it will be a disaster Viscount Keith stared, We should explain this to Viscount Cage immediately But, according to the normal situation, we shouldn t know about this matter., If you explain this matter now, wouldn t it be self reporting Qiman expressed his own opinion.She subconsciously felt that it was impossible, but she knew it was true when she saw Gray s serious expression.After thinking now nutrition cbd gummies cbd oil or gummies for a while, she said Since this is the case, my lord, I have two The deputy captains, their abilities are qualified for the duties of the captains, I propose to promote both of them oh Is their background information clear Grey asked immediately.Reina nodded, One of them should have noble blood, named Robert Lee.He has simple knowledge and has served in the army for nearly fifteen years.A good battlefield commander.I know this person, he is one of the guards I allocated to you, why Did you reassign him to the military Grey has an impression of this person.He is a native of Herrien City, and his ancestors should be a small nobleman.Yes, Lord Viscount, I think this person is a talent, and it feels a how do i get cbd gummies equilibria cbd gummies bit overqualified to be my guard Rina said bluntly.Early this morning, Gray, escorted by twenty personal soldiers, came to the barracks in Harlans City, where today s knight conferring ceremony was held.In the school grounds of the barracks, more than 3,000 officers and soldiers who had already received the news gathered in the school grounds under the leadership of Baron Rui Na, and they had been waiting for a long time.Today, soldiers will witness the birth of two knights, which is also the ultimate goal of many young people joining the army.None of the soldiers joining the army at this time is an idiot.They clearly know that they are the most likely to be canonized as knights when the old and new powers are changing.So, even though Gray was an invader to Harlans City, they joined his army without thinking.However, ease is only relative.For example, among the 3,000 officers and soldiers, those who can become knights can be counted on two hands.This fortress is the most complete fortress built by Earl Borg, and it also has the most soldiers deployed, with a strength of 4,000 troops, how do i get cbd gummies but most of these soldiers are recruits.The reason why Earl Borg arranged this way is also to train recruits while defending against the attack of Sekuling.The earl would not have thought that the enemy would attack at this time.His intelligence showed that the opponent did how do i get cbd gummies not have enough supplies for the troops to attack.Therefore, he did not pay attention to the army assembled by the opponent.He thought that the opponent just wanted to attack on the border.Lay out the lines of defense.This Baron Dulu s decision is indeed very bold, because if his troops want to successfully reach the location he planned, they must pass through the middle of the two fortress garrisons on the left and right flanks.A young knight named Jeff.He no longer looks like a knight, but is dressed like an ordinary soldier, and the ash on the armor has covered the original color of the armor.Jeff looked very tired, with begging in his eyes, Knight, I need your help.My soldiers have been hungry for a day, and they need to get supplies, otherwise we may be finished before the enemy is killed.Yes, but you have to bring your troops here instead of us Hanks was unmoved, he had reason to believe that the other party might have been instigated by the enemy.Knight, we also want to do this, but there is an enemy forward stronghold near our army, with two hundred people Jeff looked embarrassed.Hanks said suspiciously Jeff Knight, if I remember correctly, you should have 2,000 soldiers, what 200 people can trap you Launching an attack, as long as there is a fish that slips through the net, we are in danger of being discovered by the enemy, because most of us are infantry, and there is basically no possibility of escaping after being discovered Now, our soldiers are extremely exhausted, and we have even died.Until Earl Borg said Baron Dulu is a battlefield commander with extremely rich command experience.His strategic and tactical vision is very good.At the beginning of this war, his command made me at a loss, but in the later period of this war, he made countless mistakes, which is really strange After a pause, the earl stared at the trident In the ruins like scene, I said with fear I already have the consciousness of dying in battle.I even thought that we would lose botanical farms cbd gummies website how do i get cbd gummies everything in this war, but there are too many strange things about the turning point Gray Being reminded by the earl s words, yes, that s the worst part of the whole thing.Immediately, the two commanders immediately issued an order to their troops, not to relax how do i get cbd gummies their vigilance, the troops must maintain a state of war at all times, and at the same time, send how do i get cbd gummies out all the scout cavalry available at hand to scout all areas within a radius of 50 kilometers.It s the same Finally Saul wrote a letter to Nesha in Harrensburg explaining their situation.After Nesha received Saul s letter, because Gray had specifically told her when he left, if Saul had any needs, he would do his best to meet them.Therefore, she considered again and again, and decided to let Ruina personally lead the 1,000 soldiers who had been equipped in the city to support them.At the same time, she ordered that all the remaining 1,500 officers and soldiers in the territory should be stationed on the city wall, and the city guards at the guard station could not Have any vacation.Chapter 159 Baal s Hideout There are only two members of the Mystic Society who responded to Janina s call, and they are also a couple.The woman has brown hair unique to the southern region, named Karen, and the man is dressed like a nobleman, named Kevin , both of them entered middle age.Janina frowned, she was obviously a little dissatisfied with Kevin s urging, after all Sol needs to be quiet now.Barr roared Damn it At this moment, Sol s forehead was already covered with sweat, and he tapped the staff in his hand, but he had already completed his magic.He looked up at the blue sky, followed his line of sight, and saw, azure blue I don t know when there is an extra red dot in the sky, and this red dot is getting bigger and bigger, it is falling In the blink of an eye, a giant fireball with a diameter of about ten to twenty feet appeared in front of keoni cbd gummies ed everyone s eyes.The fireball was so fast that it disappeared in a flash, and landed just right in the hollow above the earth wall.Boom There was a violent explosion that shook the eardrums of the four nearby people, and the scorching heat that hit their faces was even more uncomfortable.I saw a monster locked in a huge iron cage.When I walked in, I saw that it was Barr who had just escaped.The cage is all made of fine steel, and covered with a layer of Mithril.Barr, who is highly skilled in magic, is useless in the face of this cage, he can only roar Section 162 Controversy Using teleportation magic in front of me, you are looking for death, you should be lucky, we are just setting up a cage here, not a trap that can make you lose your life Jennina s face was charming Smile.The expression on Bar s huge human face changed, How is it possible to change the teleportation trajectory of the caster Kevin laughed and said, You don t think that you are the only magician who has been studying magic for hundreds of years, right Blocking the space Passage, within a certain range of space, as long as it is properly arranged in cbd gummies louisville ky how do i get cbd gummies advance, this magic circle has been realized a hundred years ago But Kevin glanced at Janina, There are so many magic circles needed to block the space channel, and it is very difficult to use them correctly.After Gray finished doing this, he suddenly became unimpressed, and ignored the disgusted or excited expressions of the citizens, turned around and left the execution ground.The first volume is officially over, look forward to our protagonist s performance in the second volume Please recommend, please subscribe Section 1 stone ridge.The civilizations on the continent of Silver Ax Alan have lasted for at least 5,000 years.The legendary gods have never shown their real bodies, but all intelligent creatures on the mainland do not doubt the existence of the gods.They firmly believe that the gods created them and gave them the instinct to survive.They believe that the omnipotent gods must be watching their every word and deed in the mist.But are there really gods No one hempbombs cbd gummies now nutrition cbd gummies dared to ask this question, not even the powerful king of the human kingdom dared to ask this question.After all, in human cognition, the orcs are not capable of organizing such a huge army, and their poor logistics supplies will starve their huge army to death.But a lot of information showed that the orcs really dispatched 300,000 troops this time.It was not until March 8 that King Robert s intelligence officer got accurate information.His Majesty the King hanged the dereliction of duty intelligence officer in a fit of anger.Since then, His Majesty the King, who was indulging can you bring cbd gummies to the philippines in the wind and moon, knew that his kingdom was facing an unprecedented crisis in the millennium.He immediately issued a king s decree, declaring that the entire human kingdom had entered a state of war.At the same time, the Kingdom s First Army rushed to the rescue of Kelan City, the main how do i get cbd gummies city in the north.The Marquis of Yarrow, who had bargained with Earl Gala these days, could only hide in a corner, secretly praying that His Majesty the King would not think of him.The academy advocated by Sir Wright a few years ago was not established in the end, but a simple training office was added to the Knight Guards.For those fighters with sufficient merits, they could be nominated by the guards.After Gray passed, they received comprehensive knight training at the training office, and then Canonized as a knight.The biggest change in Harlans City is the establishment of the base of the secret society.The mages did not choose to establish their branch base in the noble area, but chose a location near the civilian market area with the most people.The establishment of the mage base has brought many changes to the city of Harlans.For example, many people like to go to the tavern to drink a glass botanical farms cbd gummies website how do i get cbd gummies of cold beer in the hot summer.It is simply enjoyment.For another example, the streets of the city appear smoother and cleaner after being maintained by thing.Once this kind of ship is used in war, they will be invincible at sea.Judging from the draft of this kind of ship, they can transport thousands of troops.However, to transport an army of 50,000, more than 50 sailing ships are needed.With the current manufacturing level of this kind of ship, even with the handicraft technology of the goblins, their entire business kingdom can manufacture at most ten ships.As a result, the remaining orc warriors can only be transported by small single sailboats.Such a large scale fleet sails at sea, and there will definitely be situations where the end and the end cannot meet.Thinking of this, Gray couldn t help thinking in his heart Can we first fight a small scale blocking battle at sea, with the superior naval fleet, attacking the enemy s point, and destroying some of the enemy s vital forces Dempsey.Therefore, he is a very devout theist, and he believes in Mary, the god of the sea.The colonel s prayer every morning has become something he must do.On the mainland of Alan, beliefs are free.They have no fixed sects and only follow their inner choices.On the morning of March 29th, while the Colonel was praying, he received a handwritten order from Viscount Cage, the military coordinator of the Western Territory.On the 27th before that, he had received a notice from the Grand Duke Druny, and he had been waiting for it The command.But the colonel didn t expect that the order he was waiting for first would be the order of Viscount Cage.He didn t know much about this young commander, but he cared about this order very much, and his eyes lit up.a feeling of.Section 7 With the current military power in the southern border, it is obviously impossible to defeat the orc army.The matter was so important that Gray decided to take a trip to Beanland himself.For this reason, he specially called Sir Dale who had retired to rest in Harlans City.This Sir worked part time as Gray s full time clerk.He wanted to ask his uncle if he wanted to go to Bien to lead him together.After all, with his current power, it would be very easy for Sir Dale to return to Fort Aaron.Or it would be very simple for Gray to go back by himself, but he didn t have time, even if it was a waste of a second, Gray felt that it was a crime.After thinking about it for a long time, Sir Dale said, Actually, a few years ago, when I went to Baran City on behalf of Earl Lockton to inspect the port trade, Sir Gowen invited me to Aaron Town.Oh Gray said somewhat Unexpectedly, he asked, So, you have already gone back Hometown, what a strange word, Gray thought in his heart.After a few breaths, that young and familiar face appeared in front of Sir Govin again, and the old Sir Fun Drops Cbd Gummies 300 Mg How Do I Get Cbd Gummies (1) was immediately taken aback and recovered from his thoughts.The team was getting closer and closer.Sir Govin looked at the dusty team.Everyone in this team looked a little tired, botanical farms cbd gummies website how do i get cbd gummies and there was even how do i get cbd gummies a very obvious layer of dust on their military uniforms.Seeing this scene, the jazz was how much are cbd gummies in australia touched.Viscount Cage Sir Corvin performed a standard old aristocratic etiquette.He saluted very slowly, and every step was done in a standardized way to show his respect.Gray was obviously taken aback by Sir Gowen s solemnity.He stared at the team that greeted him, Sir, we have no time to waste, let s go directly to the castle to discuss matters cbd gummies louisville ky how do i get cbd gummies And the other party didn t even get off the horse to return the gift.The envoys sent to urge them are always delaying time at the border under the pretext of insufficient logistics supplies.In fact, the logistics supplies of the First Legion are indeed not sufficient, so the troops could not leave.In two days, the food has been cut off.Because there is still a need to supply the 130,000 troops of His Majesty the King, the logistics supplies of the First Army can only be purchased from the merchants in the capital.But the merchants actually drive up prices at this time.They completely angered the nobles The bottom line, when Grand Duke Mikla heard the news, he was even more furious.He immediately arrested and hanged some of the leading merchants on the grounds of wartime law.Earl Galla even had a big fight with Grand Duke Mikla over this.In the end, Grand Duke Mikla said to Earl Gala You have made a group of beggars rich, and you have given them many rights and interests that nobles can only have, but after they got these, they did not shoulder their responsibilities like nobles.However, before the nobles sweet dreams started, they were disrupted by a nightmare.As early as a few days ago, in the middle of the night on March 27, on a small island in the northeast of the Hoco Islands, an event that changed the fate of the Hoco Islands was quietly unfolding.That night, when the residents of this small island were asleep, a mysterious army was landing silently.The soldiers of this army were all tall and burly, wearing well made leather armor.When this army marches in the dark, it can be seen clearly without any lighting, and they don t even make a sound when they walk.These are werewolves who have disappeared for hundreds of years, and they quietly sneaked back to the Hoco Islands The number of this army is less than 200 people.Wherever they pass, all human beings are mercilessly torn apart by them, even infants are no exception.Viscount Rena showed a confident expression on her face.So In fact, Gray had already received Reina s report.After receiving Reina s report again, Gray turned his head and said to Colonel Dempsey You set off tomorrow, and I will wait for your good news in Seka City, Sir Yes, my lord Section 2 botanical farms cbd gummies website how do i get cbd gummies This military meeting lasted for a long time, and Gray needed to arrange the entire coastal defense line near Seka City.It was not until three hours later that Gray announced the adjournment.Gray was not very satisfied with the military meeting these days.He could see that many aristocrats didn t really care about this blocking battle that was related to the whole battle situation.The aristocrats were able to come to Seka City and go to this meeting room to participate in the military meeting hosted by Gray again and again, but it was only in the way.On the other side of the battlefield, Dempsey, who was watching through the binoculars, broke out in a cold sweat.When the laughter of the soldiers overwhelmed the sound of the sea breeze and reached his ears, he turned to the sailors beside him.Said Kelly should thank his opponents.If they weren t too idiots, his shock team would probably have suffered more than half of the casualties by now experience of.Therefore, the lieutenant colonel did not laugh at his opponent like the soldiers, he was just congratulating himself for his good luck.The captains of the shock team didn t laugh either, because they didn t have time to enjoy the process.In this short period of time, the captains orders were conveyed to the ballista squads on their respective ships again, and amidst the sound of creaking winding, all the bed crossbows were fully loaded.If no one came to rescue, how to read a cbd lab report for gummies the fate of all the sailors on the 10 rushing boats had been doomed.Damn it, the left and right are dead, and you how do i get cbd gummies can earn money by killing one more green skinned beast I don t know who yelled, and following his yell, a rushing boat also stabilized its speed, with a little fire and thick Smoke rushed towards how do i get cbd gummies the flank of the orc fleet at the fastest speed.Immediately afterwards, as if responding to the rushing boat, the three nearby rushing boats also charged at the most advantageous speed.But the remaining 6 rushing compare cbd gummies boats did not make any movement.They let the waves roll and drift around, and let the sparks on the boat burn slowly.That idiot Kelly, you want to take credit and go crazy The young lieutenant colonel Rich sneered.This lieutenant colonel, who was born in a naval family in Seka City, has always looked down on Kelly, who was promoted from an ordinary sailor.Tell him the orc fleet has entered the range of the rear fleet s bed crossbow.Section 8 best cbd gummies for anxiety uk Surrounded Anti siege During the half hour of waiting, Dempsey received a battle report about the First Fleet from the Orc Fleet s flank battlefield.He only frowned slightly on Lieutenant Colonel Kelly s poor performance, and did not express any opinion.The issue he was most concerned about was obviously not a command error by one of his subordinates on the battlefield.He used a high powered binocular to search carefully for traces of the enemy in the direction where the orc fleet might appear.Colonel, we can already see the orc fleet The first mate, Lieutenant Colonel Ander, suddenly shouted from the side to remind his superior.Hearing this, Dempsey put down the binoculars like a conditioned reflex, and looked in the direction of his first mate s fingers.Then what if the orc fleet chooses not to entangle with us Rich asked.this Lieutenant Colonel Kelly finally said At that time, the Colonel and the others should have escaped from trouble.The decisions he made are always correct.Lieutenant Colonel Rich smiled disdainfully, but did not refute.I hope so He has no better way.But the direction of the battlefield is unpredictable by anyone.Accidents will always happen inadvertently.In other words, the traps on the battlefield are everywhere, and there are opportunities everywhere.As early as Deng When Colonel Demps was just besieged, he had already dispatched all the reconnaissance clippers of his main fleet, with the fleet as the center, to conduct a fan shaped reconnaissance of 50 nautical miles in the vicinity.Within half an hour, Colonel Dempsey received the reconnaissance clippers The ship s report was terrible news.The major could have obtained a higher official position, but in order to prevent the suspicion of the nobles, he chose to keep a low profile, and gave up the credit for many times.In the Seka City Navy, almost no one knew about his relationship with Dempsey, not even the two deputies of Colonel Dempsey.Dempsey, who was born as a mercenary, did not have the strength to fight for power with the nobles, and he didn t like it, because he didn t need it, he was only one person, no matter how much wealth and power he won, he couldn t pass it on.However, this does not mean that Dempsey does not understand at all times, otherwise he would not be able to control the Seka City Navy for more than ten years.Dempsey had every reason to believe power cbd gummies willie nelson that the reason for sending him to lure the orcs this time was for him to die.At that time, it will be easy to repel the orc expedition army in the south.And this is still in the name of his Drooney family.In this way, Grand Duke Druny will not only be how long does cbd gummies keep you high able to successfully weaken the strength of the local self government territories, but his Druny family will also gain the support of the people of the entire southern border.After the war, the lords of the severely damaged autonomous territories would not have the slightest dissatisfaction with the Druny family.They would transfer their hatred for the destruction of their homes to Gray, who was in charge of defending the southern border at that time.But at that time, Gray would definitely be the most powerful family among the nobles in all the autonomous territories, just as Grand Duke Druny had imagined.But, this is a young family.Originally, this powerful Grand Duke would usually take coercive measures in the face of all disobedient people, but given the current situation in the Hoco Islands, there is no condition for this Grand Duke to act arbitrarily.After all, Harvey City at this moment cannot withstand any turmoil.Forcibly recruiting magicians, God knows what troubles will arise Countess Ellie knew the cbd gummies louisville ky how do i get cbd gummies dissatisfaction in her Grand Duke s heart, and she shook her head helplessly, Shortly after the war started, the magicians in Harvey City received orders from the headquarters of the Arcane Society.It s not that they didn t respond to our call, but Waiting for the person in charge of the Secret Law Society to arrive.The Secret Law Society Duke Ake stared coldly at the flesh wall on the distant coastline, You mean, the outcome of our war, Is it in the hands of the Secret Law Association Grand Duke Ake has already spoken very seriously.Looking at the white hair shaking in front of his eyes, the old Sir couldn t help thinking to himself It seems that I am how do i get cbd gummies equilibria cbd gummies really old But the sword in your hand is still sharp Shaking his head, Sir Kapuru dispelled the distracting thoughts in his mind.He held the saber that had been with him for many years in his right hand.Half of his obviously old face was printed on the sword, and said softly Old man, it seems that this time really This is the last time we have fought side by side Everyone Sir Kaprue pointed his sword at the battlefield not far away, Follow me and charge So, you have only lost an hour of fighting with the enemy.The strength of nearly two legions In order to retreat, you gave up another legion of soldiers On the west coast of Seves Island, in the temporary barracks set up by Archduke Ak s army, Byrd and a group of knights and nobles knelt down in Ark in front of Duke Duke.Gray waved his hand indifferently, he didn t want to get too entangled in such a trivial matter.No one dared to go against Gray s wishes, so the knights could only salute and leave.Zamba, you are waiting at the door now, I have something to ask you later Seeing Zamba s shiny bald head, Gray seemed to remember something suddenly, and left Zamba behind After the knights left, Sir Wright walked up to Baron Mulla quickly, and asked, I heard that you and the Prime Minister of Duke Druny s court, Carey Baron Brill has something to do with it You mean Brill Baron Mulla was slightly taken aback.He looked at Gray and said cautiously He used to be one of my father s followers.I grew up with him.We walked the trade road together when we were young Baron Mulla fell into memory, More than ten years ago, he joined the army of Grand Duke Druny to participate in the battle for the throne.People who can take out a silver coin at will are not something people of their status can provoke, and he knows this very How are you going to trade The balding middle aged man looked at Milu vigilantly, and asked cautiously.I ll ask you something, and you can answer it casually.This silver coin is yours Milu kept a smile on Division of Camiguin how do i get cbd gummies his face.Hearing this, the bald middle aged man looked at everything around him out of the corner of his eye.His people had already surrounded the place, and he felt a little confident.I don t want to talk about anything trade He seemed to have made up his mind, and he shouted to the people next to him Kill them, get the valuables, and evacuate as soon as possible The words of the bald man in Section 5 made the four robbers beside him look greedy, and that one silver coin has already made these poor ghosts have infinite reverie A gloomy cold light flashed across the slightly gray alleyway, accompanied by two swish sounds of piercing the air.They don t have that kind of physical strength.They need enough events to restore their physical strength, as how do i get cbd gummies well as food and supplies waiting for the goblin fleet to arrive.However, as an excellent commander, Kangba would never waste such a great situation in vain.His troops were advancing inland at a speed of 50 kilometers per day.Although it is slow, it is very steady, and at the same time it can slowly restore the lost physical strength of soldiers.Because of his prudence, all the traps that Viscount Paddy set up along the way under the advice of the Prime Minister, Sir Corvin, became decorations.Facing the 50,000 orc army alone in the southern border is absolutely powerless.Besides, Viscount Peidi doesn t have many troops, and the militia recruited temporarily is not a threat to the orc expeditionary force at all.The assistant left in a hurry after getting the order.He needed to arrange for someone to investigate the intelligence.At this time, an officer next to Baron Arthur said My lord, listen, it seems that someone is rioting inside A city riot is the biggest dereliction of duty for a city lord.The baron never thought that a riot would happen in the city he governed, so he couldn t react.The raging flames didn t matter whether Baron Arthur was in a daze or not.The billowing smoke they rolled up was still obvious even in the dark.The fire had covered nearly half of the slums in just ten minutes.Beggars, drunkards, bankrupts, vagabonds The last valuable possessions of the lowest level people in Seka City were all burned to the ground in this sudden fire, and even their lives were taken away by the god of death in their sleep.He could feel the blood splashing on his helmet, which excited the mercenary born knight.The soldiers who followed were also infected by Zamba s blood, and they thrust out the spears that they could no longer hold back.At this moment, the fighters on both sides have only one belief in their hearts, that is kill each other, and then live on their own Facing the siege, the thugs in the slums are clearly at a disadvantage, and their defeat is only a matter of time.Zamba waved the steel sword in his hand, taking away young lives one by one.In just a short quarter of an hour, the convenience has already suffered a heavy loss.However, these young people were not afraid of death, but became more courageous as they fought Looking at the fallen young figures one by one, Zamba was shocked by the courage of the other party.They are in a hurry Weiss never took his eyes off Tia.He didn t care about the secrets here and those unknown treasures.Intelligence report up.Perhaps, if those two people searched more how do i get cbd gummies carefully just now, they might have found us Yate didn t care about this question at all, Boss, don t forget, they are running for their lives now While the two were talking, that The three people on the side have dug out a secret door from the ruins.Oh Goddess, Boss, it seems that there is really a treasure The young Yate couldn t help being excited.Weiss nodded, Let s do it, Tia, this woman, they want to live, don t kill her After that, he took out the crossbow bolt from his waist and aimed at one of the bodyguards, but he how do i get cbd gummies didn t pull the trigger, The one on the left you Get rid of it Understood Yate sneered, then turned over several times and fell into the how do i get cbd gummies darkness.For example, they can easily infiltrate the slums by using you, and we can also use their people, Coupled with the cooperation of some people, do you think what I just said is possible You want to assassinate Viscount Cage Wes forehead was already dripping with cold sweat.The woman didn t answer his question, but continued You should know that the wealth we have earned over the years is enough to tempt some people She played with a gold coin casually in her hand, with a smile on her face, If you cooperate with me, you will get money that you can t spend all your life Weiss stared at the woman on the other side, thinking about all kinds of possible things in his mind Boss At this moment, Art s voice came from inside the tunnel, keoni cbd gummies 500mg and the young man was obviously a little excited now.The smile on Tia s face became more obvious when he heard the voice.It s still an endless situation Even so, Gray s anger didn t make him lose his mind.Although his thoughts were a bit confused, he could still understand the simple relationship between fierceness and restrain himself.He must focus on the overall situation of the entire southern border.It is currently the best way to let Baron Arthur stand in front and his own guards to investigate secretly.After all, the threat of the outer orcs was imminent.The current city of Seka is too dangerous for Gray and must be transferred immediately Originally, Gray s original plan was to now nutrition cbd gummies cbd oil or gummies personally go to the front to supervise the battle, and Sir Wright was in charge of the rear, but faced with the weak rear supply line in the southern border, Sir Wright obviously couldn t handle it, and his warrants were like waste paper in other territories.He wanted to be sure, to see with his own eyes whether his brother was really dead, he didn t believe what those people said.However, when he really opened the door of this room, he couldn t move his feet, and he stared at the figure lying quietly among the flowers in the middle of the hall.It was not until several minutes later that Zamba spat out the thick phlegm pent up in his chest, and then walked towards the corpse in the middle of the hall with big how do i get cbd gummies strides.The fire was getting closer and closer, and the surrounding darkness and coolness spread out in fear.Finally, Zamba saw who the person lying there was.familiar face.It was his brother, Loire.Damn it Zamba punched the coffin, making a bang bang sound.My lord A follower wanted to say something.Shut up Zamba let out a low voice, interrupting his subordinate s well intentioned advice.Do not go.He felt despicable, even nasty, and he didn t understand why he did that at that time.At that time, he felt as if he was being controlled by the devil, and his thoughts and actions were beyond his control.He just followed Punk mechanically.When he entered Rena s residence, he was stopped outside, but he was soon led in.Tell me the information you have detected, soldier Rena s face was obviously tired, she sat on the sofa casually, and Punk stood beside him like a guard, I hope your information is valuable She said while looking at Punk next to her, with obvious dissatisfaction on her face.Aowen knew the woman how do i get cbd gummies with the scar on her face, no, it should be said that all the soldiers in Harlans Land knew her.At this moment, his heart beat uncontrollably.He didn t expect that he would have the opportunity to talk to such a big man.Alvin didn t care either, he laughed, and pulled Owen to have breakfast.Halfway through the meal, the human magician woke up.He .

can you overdose on cbd gummies?

didn t show any panic, he just yelled at the beginning, but the experienced detectives ignored him.After the meal, Owen drew a simple map for Alvin and told him the route to retreat.Then, Alvin led more than 30 other soldiers to escort the magician and set off for the highland fortress.And Owin walked to the other side with the ten soldiers who followed him last night.In the 13th month, the weather in May in the south of Alan Continent how do i get cbd gummies is already a bit hot, but fortunately, the occasional sea breeze can still drive away the heat.The central battlefield of the outer defense line of Been City has been destroyed due to three consecutive days of war.From a distance, it looks like the Gobi in the north, and the occasional breeze can always stir up dust and yellow sand.The orcs can go directly to Kewende from the Sushui River, and Been City is likely to be surrounded And this is not the most critical The key issue is that Viscount Cage s army is not ready for a tough battle with the orcs.I heard that their arrows can only shoot three rounds And now, Viscount Cage will Forced to face the orcs in a head on duel, it s a face to face showdown, my lord Do you think how do i get cbd gummies equilibria cbd gummies Viscount Cage s current strength, how likely is he to win a head on showdown with the orcs And once Viscount Cage fails, you should I know what this means.Sir Gowen walked to the map again, and he said The situation is not too bad, if there is no mistake in the information this time, there are only 15,000 people who went upstream from the Sushui River.Orc troop Fifteen thousand troops are not something that Viscount Cage can resist now Viscount Peidi also stared at the map, Besides, their follow up troops will be able to support them in five days at the earliest So, we have to stick to it Been City, don t let the follow up troops of the orcs pass Sir Gowen s tone was low and firm.The heavily armored fighters were as powerful as in the legends, and the orc fighters were not their opponents at all.However, the light armored infantry faced off against the orcs.This is not a good thing Hanks thought to himself, he scanned the battlefield, and when he saw the flag of Knight Robert, his blood red eyes lit up, and he made a decision.Chapter 15 Al.On the bank of the Sushui River in Covance, in the Human Army Camp Gray s Central Camp, many knights and generals surrounded a military map.Viscount Paddy sent news that the orcs are attacking Bien City.He warned us that Bien City can hold out for at most three days.At the same time, the punk knight in the highland fortress also sent back news that his outer defense line has basically fallen., The fall of the fortress is only a matter of time.After a few glasses of wine, Hanks did not know when he came to Al s side.He hiccupped Al s face rudely, causing Al s eyebrows to frown.Without waiting for Al to speak, Hanks suddenly said Dear Baron Al, would you like me to help you As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly stretched out his hand to hold the base of the wine glass in Al s hand, and then gently lifted it upwards.With a light lift, he said at the same time Beer should be drunk like this, respected Baron Al.Ahem Al was caught off guard by Hanks sudden drinking.It seems that our Baron Al still doesn t know how to drink Hanks laughed loudly, I m so sorry I stained your beard with sesame oil.The exaggerated expressions of the knights Hanks and Al s The embarrassment is amused.This is not something a knight should do, Hanks.Rena put down the knife and fork in her hand, Besides, hempbombs cbd gummies now nutrition cbd gummies Baron Al was conscripted into the army by me, can I take this as your provocation Rena The voice of speaking was very small, but it made the knights feel a pressure, and their laughter stopped abruptly.Hanks did not expect that Reina would stand up to speak for Al, and his smile suddenly became extremely awkward.He naturally did not dare to challenge Reina s authority, because everything he has today depends on Reina.recommend.Baron Reina, I don t think Knight Hanks meant to offend anyone, this is just an irrelevant joke.Knight Robert stood up and said with a smile.Is that so Rena didn t even look at Robert, her eyes were fixed on Hanks.Hanks eyelids twitched unconsciously, and he lowered his head slightly, Of course, this is an irrelevant joke.I didn t expect that Baron Al can t drink beer.Knight Hanks, your joke is really special Al has been relieved, But it doesn t matter.Everyone, now is the time to enjoy the victory, don t let some small things affect your mood.Gray also stood up, Let s toast again, thank the goddess for giving us this A victory.

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