Tips 8 Effective Exercises to Reduce Hanging Belly Fat (2023)

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Upon further considerations of hanging belly fat as an awkward gait, its appearance is not appealed by around-seeing due to your thick-inner fat. Therefore, to avoid that existed fat, you must do exercise with a hard-working attitude leading to gain slimmer than your first-looking. Although introductions of a range of some different postures, your confused mind is created by a tons of workout types. Furthermore, I wonder how you select a suitable and flexible exercise and win a round of hard muscles to help you lose your lower belly fat.

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Its belief enough for you to make an effort to do some flexing workouts right now as a shining hope as considered as some hanging belly fat exercises.

Hip Lifts:

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Do it now:

  • Lying on a yoga mat, placing your hands on a mat, next to your torso, noted of your palms turn up
  • Bending your knees
  • Using core muscles and heels force to push your back up
  • Keeping your head in straight line
  • Repeating 15 times

Double Leg Lifts:

One of the popular kinds of Pilates, is the Double Leg Lifts, it is required a force is enough strong to overcome the core actions of this exercises.
In generally views of fitness world, some trainers who are keen on doing exercise in routine, they call Double Leg Lifts lesson like Mermaid exercise. Noted that your legs must be kept straight and closest each other. Next noted, your abs are used the best force to push your leg up. To sum up, inhale and exhale breathe combined with movements smoothly to improve your Belly Fat. Now starting immediately with hanging Belly Fat Workouts

Tips 8 Effective Exercises to Reduce Hanging Belly Fat (3)

Do it now

  • Lying on a yoga mat, up-facing head, pacing your hands beneath-body and broaden-elbows
  • Breathing inhale before lifting both legs up to the ceiling, just a little high and remembering joint-heels
  • Breathing exhale before pulling up your torso and crunching your tummy whereas your focused-mind into your back muscles and abdomen tensions
  • After taking a few seconds for holding this pose, lifting your lower torso at the bottom as slower as you can
  • Repeating 10 times

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Accelerating on this pose in a quick speed as boosting your belly fat. It is quite in place of a top switching on the most powerful.

Tips 8 Effective Exercises to Reduce Hanging Belly Fat (4)

Do it now:

  • Bent your knees and your hands cover your back-head after lying on a mat
  • Then, lifting your shoulders up in case of your back touching a mat and your legs towards your ribcage
  • Mentioning of not lifting your feet out off a mat
  • Coming back to a started pose slowly
  • Repeating in sets of 5 or 10 times

Criss Cross:

It is not rarely important pose which is The Criss Cross Pilates Exercise aiming to your core engaged. Hence, only a rope usage, to make sure a fixed sort is a supported tool for people who do not the wat to do it. Clearly, an effective affection happens in case tighten –core keeping during the process of doing pose. The more you practice on core engaged, the less serious factors your lifestyle happens. Besides that, its results have an emphasis on your obliques and lower abs due to your feet placing on the space always.

Tips 8 Effective Exercises to Reduce Hanging Belly Fat (5)

Do it now:

  • Beginning at lying pose, then, the back head is covered by your hands and your hands are expanded
  • Moving on flexed knees, then, pulling it up to the sheens
  • Pushing your head and shoulders up to the fly to gain the case of blading shoulder’ bases before exhale breathing
  • Combined of intake and outtake breathe, spreading out your left leg and twisted your torso directs to right side, both are happening at the same time
  • Mentioning of the right knee with your left elbow are touched each other depends on your flexibility’s body
  • Next moving inhale breathing, changing your legs like the same directions
  • Repeating the pose at 10 times on each leg, if possible, the number of times you action, you can increase the times by yourself.

Exercise Ball Crunch:

Equally importantly, doing exercise using a ball like a football sport, its similarities are a ball, improve all parts muscles and enhance a razor sharp analysis. By contrast, its differences on applying the techniques into sports.

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My written here will focus on Ball Crunch, another listed a physical, stability, balanced ball. Its indication of doing it, you must need a stretch of all parts to develop your balance, maintain your stability and keeping your coordination tightly.

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Do it now:

  • Your lower back is located on a ball until your back is balanced on ball pose and your feet is firmly clinging to the ground, mainly to make your body balance.
  • Your hand is put under your back head
  • Your butts, back, and shoulders are placed in fixed pose on a ball while your thighs are parallel to the ground
  • Noted, you must not lift your feet off, it causes to a fallen down case and must keep firmly a ball in a sold placing during all movements.
  • You breathe is inhaled if back down, and exhaled if you crunch.
  • Repeating 12-16 times from 1 to 3 sets

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Rolling Plank Exercise:

With this pose, Rolling Plank Exercise, a range of muscles in hip, lower back and abdomen, surrounding of body muscles.

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Do it now:

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  • Turning your body into side directions after lying on a mat. Using your right elbow and right feet to lift your body up
  • Creating a corner of 90 degrees with an elbow and the ground and holding your both feet clued together means heel-clued-heel
  • Keeping your straight knees and letting your hips out-off the ground
  • Holding it within 30 seconds. If you feel confident, you can do it within 60 minutes or more than

Flutter Kicks:

There are many orchestration of numerous postures aims to abs muscles, mainly concentrated on the lower abs. This pose is not only an abs flutter kicks but also an increase in hip flexors. However, its efforts are harp on practicing, setting up the best routine. With more and more influenced of a relation of lower abs to middle and upper ones in closely stimulations. Moreover, given a general exercise consists of all parts of body, is a body-strengthen so that your vitality along with magnitude of doing exercises raise a higher vision.

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Do it now:

  • Sitting on a yoga mat and lying down,
  • Placing your hands under your butts in case your palms are facing down,
  • Lifting your both legs, your toes facing up, lifting your right leg is lower than left one in a few inches, noted your legs should be straight.
  • Making an alternation up-to-down, from 6 to 8 times

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Vertical Leg Crunch:

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Do it now

  • Lying on a mat, lifting your legs up the ceiling to reach a 90 degrees of a mat
  • Along with pushing your arms up until your upper back is pushed up stronger as you can and your head is up too
  • You can feel an intense of chest surrounding
  • Lie flat on the mat or on the floor with legs extended upwards towards the ceiling.
  • Doing as if one knee is over crossed another knee
  • Lifting the upper body towards the pelvis, you should breath in
  • Harping on it about 12-16 crunches of 2-4 sets, you should breath out slowly.
  • Check out the video above on how to do vertical leg crunches.


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