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She counted the chickens inside one by one.There was one rooster, twelve hens, and some chicks.The big rooster is basking in the sun with its harem at this time, and its life is very complete.Then she went to look at the duck pen next door.Exactly ten big white ducks.Xiao Xixi opened the wooden door of the duck pen and let the big white ducks out.They took orderly steps and swaggered towards the pond.In the vegetable field on the left, there are white radish, Chinese cabbage, small green vegetables, shallots, ginger, garlic, peppers, green beans, cucumbers, corn, and sunflowers.Chapter 8 The White Side Concubine s Invitation Xiao Xixi picked off a gherkin, wiped cbd gummies for brain eagle hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus it with a handkerchief, and then gnawed it.Home grown cucumbers are extra crispy There is also a small wooden house next to the vegetable field, and mushrooms and bean sprouts gummy cbd pure hemp tincture are planted in the wooden house.She didn t know how long Luo Qinghan stood outside and how much she heard.But it doesn t matter if you hear it all.Luo Qinghan walked to the side of the bed and looked down at her condescendingly.Xiao Xixi blinked her almond eyes Why does Your Highness look at my concubine like this Luo Qinghan didn t speak, but looked at her deeply, as if she wanted to see her heart clearly through her skin.After a long time, he opened his mouth slowly.Don t do such things again in the future, I don t need anyone s protection.The light in Xiao Xixi s eyes dimmed Oh.I didn t expect that she would go to this point, Luo Qinghan still didn t want to trust her.so disappointed.Looking at her dejected look, Luo Qinghan raised his right hand, gently placed it on her head, and rubbed it.Xiao Xixi was stunned.It s not that she hasn t been touched on the head before.After standing up, she blessed side concubine Li again.Concubine Li had already gotten used to the pain coming from her buttocks at this time, as soon as she saw Xiao Xixi, she immediately took two steps forward, warmly held Xiao Xixi s little hand, and cbd gummies for brain said with a smile.I heard that my sister was poisoned before, but I was terrified.I originally wanted to see you earlier, but I was worried that I would disturb your rest, so I delayed my visit until today.Don t blame me.Chapter 49 Bad luck is about to happen Xiao Xixi was baffled by her sudden enthusiasm.It s not that she hasn t seen Concubine Li before, but every time Concubine Li looks at her through her nostrils, she doesn t pay attention to such a little Liangdi at all.What happened to Concubine Li today Why are you so passionate about her all of a sudden Xiao Xixi couldn t help but look at her carefully.Why does Xiao Liangdi have time to come here today Xiao Liangdi is the woman in the Eastern Palace who doesn t like to go out the most, unless necessary, she is rarely seen going out, and it is really rare to see her appearing today.Xiao Xixi smiled and said I m here to deliver soup clinical cbd gummies near me to His Highness the Crown Prince, please pass it on to my eunuch.Okay, I ll pass it on to you.Eunuch Chang turned to leave, Xiao Lingfeng quickly stopped him Eunuch, is Your Highness the Crown Prince free to see me Chapter 57 Drought Oh, look at my brain, I almost forgot about you, Eunuch Chang knocked on his forehead with his whisk, and smiled apologetically, Prince His Highness is still busy and has no time to see you for now, so he asked you to go back first, and we can talk about it another day.But my wife and daughter are still waiting for help, please, cbd gummies online shopping help me and then beg His Highness the Crown Prince.In her impression, Concubine Li was not the kind of good person who would protect others for no reason.To be exact, in this harem, there has never been such a bad person who thinks of others for no reason.Concubine Li knew that words alone could not impress the other party, so she took off the jade bracelet on her wrist.This is a relic left by my grandmother.I wear it every day.It is my most beloved jewelry.I will give it to you now.From now on, you will be my sister.No matter what happens to you, I will help you.Zhao Meiren was stunned as she looked at the clear jade bracelet in front of her.She didn t expect Concubine Li cbd gummies for brain to even take out such important things.Could it be that Concubine Li really wanted to help her But why Concubine Li took Zhao Meiren s right hand and put the jade bracelet on it.Luo Qinghan stretched out his right hand, pinched her chin, and forced her to raise her head.The two looked at each other.Looking at the prince s handsome face, Zhao Meiren s heartbeat accelerated uncontrollably, and her body felt a little weak.She was extremely shy, and wanted to avoid it, but she was reluctant, her voice trembled slightly, like a crabapple flower in its most beautiful bloom, waiting for a lover to pick it.His Royal Highness Eunuch Chang deliberately reminded His Highness that this place is still outside, and it would be bad if someone passed by and saw this scene.If His Highness wants to kiss Fangze, it is better to go back to the house.But he knew the prince s temperament, if he said this, he would definitely get a slap in the face.Eunuch Chang could only sigh secretly, and waved to the palace ladies and eunuchs behind him.He s in a bad mood tonight.Everyone stood against him just because he believed her proposal.He thought that even if the whole world cbd gummies for brain didn t believe him, at least she would stand in the same camp as him.But she didn t ask anything, just fell asleep so heartlessly.Damn woman.The dissatisfaction cbd gummies for brain in Luo Qinghan s heart doubled.He stretched out his hand, pinched the woman s face, are cbd gummies safe for teens and pulled her delicate and fair face almost out of shape.Xiao Xixi woke up in pain.She opened her mouth and made a muffled sound.What is Your Highness doing Luo Qinghan let go of her hands, looked at the red marks on her face, and said coldly Get up.Xiao Xixi could only struggle to get up, rubbed her still sore face, and asked aggrievedly It s so late, Your Highness doesn t sleep, what are you doing with your concubine Can t you see Xiao Xixi looked blank Huh She couldn t see it, so he told her himself.Gu disguises himself and goes south by boat quietly.We will meet again when we arrive in Jingshou County.Everyone was shocked and shouted in unison Absolutely impossible Luo Qinghan obviously expected their reaction long ago, so he didn t explain much, just quietly listening to Prince Shaofu and Prince Shaobao taking turns dissuading him, repeating those old sayings, insisting that he not act alone.Nie Changping, king of the small county, stood by the prince.On the one hand, he felt that it was too boring to go with the big team, and it was more interesting to act alone on the other hand, he really didn t want to ride a horse anymore He had been riding for a whole month, and his inner thighs and buttocks were all worn out, bleeding, and excruciatingly painful.And his two straight long legs, because they have to ride horses every day, they are almost tortured into bow legs Thinking about it is a bitter tear.This time, Luo Qinghan didn t give them another chance to commit suicide.As soon as he caught them, he ordered someone to remove their jaws, and forcibly pulled out the poison sacs hidden in the gaps between their back molars.The four assassins were tied up and knelt on the ground.Since their chins were removed, their mouths could not be closed, and saliva flowed Division of Camiguin cbd gummies for brain down the corners of their mouths.With their bruised noses and swollen faces, they looked particularly embarrassed.Soon the king of the small county, Nie Changping, Prince Shaofu, Prince Shaobao, Eunuch Chang and others rushed over upon hearing the news.When they learned that the prince was assassinated, they were all very nervous.They didn t feel relieved until they confirmed with their own eyes that the prince was cbd gummies in connecticut can a child take cbd gummies safe and sound.Fortunately, the prince is fine, cbd gummies for brain eagle hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus otherwise they would all be finished.The prince and I were discussing raising Okay.Luo Qinghan interrupted Her words, don t let her speak out about raising pigs.He would rather be misunderstood that he was messing with the little eunuch than being known that his concubine was raising pigs in the East Palace.Luo Qinghan asked coldly Nie Changping, what are you here for Only then did Nie Changping realize that he had something to discuss with the prince, so he hurriedly said.I went out for a stroll today, and I heard that many children have been lost in the city recently.The children s parents and family members went to the county government to report to the county government, but the officials said that they were too busy preparing to receive the prince, and had no time to take care of it.These trivial things beat out all those who reported to the officials.Luo Qinghan Not only do you have to eat the old cbd gummies full form man yourself, but you also have to bring your man to eat the old man together.You are so promising, does your master know Xiao Xixi By the way, you have to read a sacrificial oration at that time.She found a pen and paper, and wrote a sacrificial oration full of a sheet of paper.Luo Qinghan took a look at the sacrificial text, and found that she had written all vernacular, and the content was very simple.It just expressed the serious consequences of the drought, and finally begged God to stop the rain and save the poor child Chapter 139 His Royal Highness is the best Luo Qinghan said with disgust Your writing is too vulgar.Xiao Xixi, a school dregs, scratched his head.I can t help it.My cultural level is so high.My master has never taught me poetry, songs and Fu.Xiao Xixi really didn t think much about it.It was a good time that the crown prince didn t come, she would eat all the food green otter cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies for brain tonight, and she could still sleep in a big bed by herself, and she didn t need to wait for someone to change and wash, so she just felt at ease.Of course, this cannot be said.She responded casually Well, you re right.Qingsong said something about what happened in the East Palace recently.During your absence, Chen Liangyuan, cbd gummy bears cvs Zhao Meiren, Yao Zhaoxun and several other Fengyi sent people over to inquire when you would return to the palace, but Sister Baoqin blocked them all.Ziyun Temple is back, she often runs to Jiaofang Hall recently, it seems that she wants to use the green otter cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies for brain Empress Empress to stabilize her position in the East Palace.Bai Fangfei is still the same, staying in the Jade Lotus Hall to recuperate.Thinking of the grievance of Zhao Meiren who dared to be angry and dare not speak out, Concubine Li felt happy in her heart, and even the pain of copying the book was relieved a lot.Sure enough, if you want to make yourself less painful, you have to make others more painful than yourself Tonight Luo Qinghan will not come to Qingge Hall for dinner, so Xiao Xixi eats more happily alone.She has a chicken wing in her left hand and a duck leg in her right hand.Her mouth is full of greasy food, and she is extremely happy Seeing this, Baoqin thought that the little master must have suffered a lot outside, otherwise how could she eat so eagerly Baoqin couldn t help feeling distressed again.She filled a bowl of soup and put it in Xiao Liangdi s hand, and advised softly Eat slowly, these dishes are all for you alone, no one will grab you.She leaned cbd gummies for brain her upper body on the table, supported her side face with one hand, opened her lips slightly, and yawned, looking boneless and lazy.Seeing this, Huixiang frowned even tighter.How could you be so rude in front of the prince Sitting or not, it s really ugly However, due to the prince s presence, Huixiang couldn t say too much, so he could only hold back for now.Xiao Xixi looked at the large number of files piled up in the cbd gummies for brain biospectrum cbd gummies prince s hand, and asked curiously Your Highness is sick, why don t you go to bed and lie down Luo Qinghan said without raising his head These are the important files of the Ministry of Punishment this month, and they are urgently waiting to be sent to the cabinet.I have to read them all within today, so I can t waste the time.Xiao Xixi clasped her hands together Gill, looking at his pale face, sighed.Xiao Xixi looked dazed, with two bristles standing on her head, looking as innocent as she could be.Luo Qinghan was really embarrassed to repeat her tiger wolf words last night, so she could only drop a sentence with a livid face.Only this time, never again Then he left in a huff.As soon as he left, Xiao Xixi immediately held his chest and let out a long sigh of relief.Fortunately, she has good acting skills and managed to get what mg cbd gummy for anxiety away with it.Otherwise, I really don t know how to explain to the prince what she said about tigers and wolves last night.She slept in a daze last night, and she spoke without thinking, almost saying whatever came to her mind.Now that she thought about it, she didn t dare to think about the prince s expression at that time.It must be wonderful When it was almost time for lunch, Si Zhu came to ask the crown prince and Xiao Liangdi what they wanted to eat Xiao Xixi said, Today I m going to have Guoqiao rice noodles for lunch.Since he slept with Xiao Liangdi in his arms the day before yesterday, the distance of one foot between the two has cbd gummies in connecticut can a child take cbd gummies been cbd gummies that lower a1c erased.It s like a line of defense.After being breached once, the line of defense disappears.During these two nights, the prince would sleep with Xiao Liangdi in his arms.Probably because of the closer distance, Xiao Liangdi s sleeping position on the bed became more and more relaxed.From time to time she would lift her arms or stretch her legs.Luo Qinghan would often be woken up suddenly by her.He had no choice but to hold her tightly in his arms, and his hands and feet were also tightly suppressed by him.In this way, she would not No more fidgeting.Chapter 212 Not long after the chicken legs, Xiao Xixi started talking in his sleep.This chicken leg is so delicious, condor cbd gummies review cbd gummies for brain Baoqin, you are so kind to me, hehehe Then she opened her mouth and bit Luo Qinghan s right wrist.The two first saluted Duan Liangdi, then Mo Hua walked to the bed and saw the red blood stains on it.She whispered a few words to the daily life supervisor without changing her expression.The living censor immediately recorded Duan Liangdi s bedtime attendance last night in the Prince s living record book.In order to ensure the purity of the royal lineage, from the emperor down to the princes, there will be a living official by his side.These daily life commentators are responsible for recording the daily life of the masters, including which concubine the masters have luck with at night.After taking Duan Liangdi to wash and wash, Mo Hua just took a step forward and asked respectfully.Does my lord want to have breakfast here Or go back to Ningwuyuan for breakfast Duan Liangdi said reservedly I ll go back to Ningwuyuan for dinner.It s so good.You should seize this opportunity and give birth to an heir for the prince as soon as possible.Only when you have .

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how long do cbd gummies stay in urine?

an heir will your position as the princess and concubine be more stable.Qin Xiya was in distress, cbd gummies for brain so she could only nod her head in response I respectfully Remember Auntie s teachings.The Queen of Qin asked again Have you used the spices given to you Qin Xiya Used. That s good, the spices are specially prepared by the palace, and the effect should be very good , you can use it with confidence, and if you run out, you can come to the palace to get cbd gummies for brain it again.Qin Xiya thought of what the prince said last night, and her heart became more and more uncomfortable, no amount traveling internationally with cbd gummies of spices can keep a man who doesn t love herself.She replied softly Thank you, aunt, I know now.Empress Qin In a few days time, the Mid Autumn Festival will be held.The emperor was very aggrieved.He went down to court and returned to the harem, intending to go to Wan Jieyu s place to relax.Who knew that just after he entered Wan Jieyu s residence, he was told that Wan Jieyu had been slapped more than twenty times because he Division of Camiguin cbd gummies for brain accidentally bumped into the queen.Her originally pretty face was now red and swollen.The law sees people.The emperor knew that Queen Qin did it on purpose.She deliberately punished Wan Jieyu, hoping to make things difficult for him.He was so angry that he wished he could rush to Jiaofang Hall now and beat up Queen Qin too.But in the end, reason prevailed.He rewarded Wan Jieyu with some wound medicine, and said some words of comfort before turning around and leaving.He went back to the imperial study, picked up the brush, and wrote cbd gummies for brain a large character forbearance stroke by stroke.I feel uncomfortable all over, it must be Concubine Jing s hands and feet in the tea Luo Qinghan said seriously You can t produce conclusive evidence, even if Gu wants to help you, there is no way to do it.You should go back first, Take good care of your body as soon as possible, and discuss other matters later.Chen Liangyuan cried even harder Your cbd gummies for brain eagle hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus Highness, Concubine Jing must have done this She is just jealous of my concubine being favored.If you want to kill my concubine, you just need to send someone to search Wanhe Palace, and you will definitely find evidence Concubine Jing is also the daughter of the Grand cbd gummies for brain Tutor after all, and she was the one personally pointed out by the emperor.It is impossible for Gu to search Concubine Jing s residence just because of your few words.Chen Liangyuan was speechless.She cbd gummies for brain eagle hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus noticed the strangeness of Wu Yao and Lu Tianyi, and asked curiously What s the matter with you two Why do you look so ugly Lu Tianyi asked cautiously How 1000 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies in connecticut is your relationship with your sister Xiao Zhilan It s okay.Then can you help us intercede with your sister Xiao Zhilan immediately became vigilant What kind of love What bad things have you done Before Lu Tianyi could speak again, Xiao Qiming spoke first.Sister, don t pay attention to them, they are doing it for themselves.Xiao Zhilan responded obediently, Oh.Lu Tianyi and Wu Yao looked at Xiao Qiming with sad and angry eyes.Are you still a brother after all It s fine if you don t save yourself, and don t ask your sister to help us Xiao Qiming sneered and sent them two words, You deserve it In another private room.Xiao Xixi is eating food.She couldn t help but recall that Concubine Xiao was punished by the queen before, but the crown prince rushed over before she could do anything.In order to protect side concubine Xiao, the prince did not hesitate to openly contradict the queen.Now it was her who was being punished, but the prince didn t even show his face.Concubine Jing could not help feeling deep jealousy in her heart.They are also the prince s side concubine, so how can Xiao side concubine get all the prince s favor cbd gummies in connecticut And she tried her best, but couldn t even get a little attention Xiao Xixi didn t know about Concubine Jing s punishment to kneel until it was dinner time from Bao Qin.Baoqin said Concubine Jing knelt at the gate of Jiaofang Hall for three full hours this afternoon.Many people saw it.Everyone didn t dare to 1000 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies in connecticut say anything publicly, but they were all laughing at Concubine Jing in private.You have to watch the Yingxue Pavilion for me, otherwise, cbd gummies for brain even if I leave the cbd gummies for brain palace, I won t feel at ease.Yun Xiang nodded This servant understands.At this time in Qingge Palace, Baoqin was also helping Side Concubine Xiao to pack her things.She stuffed boxes of food into boxes and stacked them neatly.Looking left and right, she still felt that the quantity was too small.It s like an old mother who is sending her silly daughter out on a trip, always wanting to stuff the silly girl with more food, for fear that she will starve herself outside.Maidservant, let s go and cook you some food.Xiao Xixi was holding a plate of snacks, sitting beside her and eating happily.Seeing Baoqin s worried look, she couldn t help but said You haven t slept much these two days, you either prepare food for me, or prepare clothes and shoes for me, look at the dark circles on your face It s almost as good as a panda.Meet the prince.The attitude can be said to be cbd gummies for brain quite perfunctory.Luo Qinghan has long been used to the eldest prince s single mindedness, and cbd gummies for alcohol withdrawal is too lazy to bother with him about these trivial matters.In addition to the first prince, there are also two of his staff members in the team, as well as the loyal general Xiao Lingfeng.Xiao Lingfeng was the helper that the prince specially called for.Although Xiao Lingfeng is very utilitarian and not very pleasing in his dealings with others, his ability is indeed very good.He was born in a poor family, and his military achievements were accumulated little by little by himself through bloody battles.He cbd gummies for brain was much better than those pampered and pampered families in Shengjing City.Most importantly, Xiao Lingfeng is Xiao Xixi s biological father.Even if the relationship between their father and daughter is not very close, the blood relationship does exist.The dim sum immediately brightened up.Is this for my concubine Luo Qinghan said flatly, Someone gave it to you.Xiao Xixi immediately picked up a box of snacks, opened the box, and quickly ate cbd gummies for brain eagle hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus it.While eating, she asked, Who is so nice They even gave my concubine some snacks.Chapter 334 She called it edible, but Fu Luo smiled coldly It s just two boxes of snacks, which makes you think he s nice.Already If you are willing to prepare delicious food for the concubine, then you are doing good to the concubine Xiao Xixi said it as a matter of course.Luo Qinghan looked at her with a blank face, he cbd gummies for brain knew that this woman was so heartless, he shouldn t have accepted these two boxes of snacks for her just now.Xiao Xixi ate the dim sum happily, bubbles of happiness all over her body.The more Luo Qinghan watched, the more unhappy he became.The crown prince is truly blessed Luo Qing coldly glanced at him If Brother Dahuang can t speak, just shut up obediently, so as not to be annoying.Luo Yechen put away his smile and his expression darkened , wanted to refute, but then remembered what the prince said yesterday.He was afraid that the prince would turn over the old score again, so he could only shut his mouth aggrieved and stopped speaking.Luo Qinghan stepped on the wooden ladder and walked steadily into the carriage.Xiao Xixi followed closely behind and got in.Seeing this scene, Zhao Meiren involuntarily clenched the silk handkerchief in her hand.She originally planned to take advantage of the opportunity of going to Chenliu County to try her best to behave in front of the prince, so that the prince would notice her existence, green otter cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies for brain and then gradually develop a good impression of her.She turned sideways, looked at the prince lying beside her, and showed a sweet smile.Good night, cbd gummies for brain my prince.Looking sideways, Luo Qinghan saw that the lower half of her face was hidden under the quilt, only revealing a pair of big watery eyes.As soon as his heart moved, his body moved before his brain could react.He leaned over and kissed her lightly on the forehead.Xiao Xixi was stunned.She stared blankly at the prince, wondering why he came here suddenly Luo Qinghan lay back down again, as if nothing had cbd gummies for digestive problems happened Go to sleep.Oh.Xiao Xixi closed her eyes obediently.After a while, she couldn t help opening her eyes again, raised her right hand, and touched her forehead.Although the prince s kiss just now was very light, the touch left behind lasted for a long time, which made her feel weird.He originally thought cbd gummies for brain that the old accounts of Baihualou had been uncovered, but when he got to the scene and asked others, he found out that the reason for the closure of Baihualou was actually the eldest prince.Zhao Xian was dressed in military uniform, riding on a horse, looking down at the Qipin county magistrate in front of him.Do you know that after cbd gummies in connecticut can a child take cbd gummies the first prince had a drink here tonight, he started to have a stomachache, and the imperial doctor diagnosed the cause in Baihualou.The county magistrate s face turned pale.He tried to defend Baihualou.As a result, Zhao Xian interrupted impatiently after he had just said a few words.As an official of the imperial court, you actually speak for a brothel.Could it be that you have something to do with this brothel The county magistrate smiled sarcastically The general can really tell jokes.Xiao Xixi thought to herself, I ve tried my best, but you insisted on going out Yes, all consequences are at your own risk.Seeing that they were about to go out, Xiao Lingfeng stepped forward and said, I ll go out with you.Before Xiao Xixi could speak, Zhao Meiren stepped forward and said, No, we ll just walk around and go to cbd gummies for brain the county government office to see Look, he s in the city, he ll be fine.What she thought in her heart was that if she brought Xiao Lingfeng with her, it would be difficult for her to cbd gummies for brain attack Concubine Xiao later.So Xiao Lingfeng must not follow Xiao Lingfeng ignored Zhao Meiren s words, he looked at Xiao Xixi, waiting for her response.Xiao Xixi said The eldest prince is still recuperating in the station, you have to stay here to protect his safety.Xiao Lingfeng frowned slightly.He planned to have a meal with the local county magistrate, and talk about some things in Chenliu County by the way.But because his reputation as County Magistrate s Nemesis was so terrifying, when the local county magistrate learned that the Prince had offered to invite him, instead of feeling flattered, he felt a sense of despair that would cbd gummies for brain lead to disaster.He wanted to pretend to be sick, but couldn t shirk it.But the other party was the prince after all, if he didn t go, he might be accused of despising the prince.In the end, there was no way, the county magistrate could only take a group of officials to the post station with the grief of the strong green otter cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies for brain man is gone forever.Luo Qinghan asked the imperial chef to prepare a sumptuous meal.The county magistrate and a group of officials were fidgeting throughout the whole process.As long as you listen carefully to the sound of the dice hitting, you can roughly guess what point the dice will be when it finally hits the ground.The reason why she deliberately shook it so slowly just now was to be able to hear the sound of the dice clearly.Luo Qinghan took the initiative to pick up a salt baked chicken leg and put it cbd gummies in connecticut can a child take cbd gummies in Xiao Xixi s bowl.Good job, I ll reward you with a chicken leg.Xiao Xixi held the chicken leg, smiling brows crookedly Thank you, Your Highness, for the reward Qiu Yuan glanced at the butler, who understood, and asked the musicians to start playing.The melodious sound of silk and bamboo fluttered in Tongxi Pavilion.The dancers floated into the arena accompanied by music, trying their best to show their graceful figure.Among them were a few bold dancers who even took the initiative to wink at the crown prince sitting at the top.These are the ancestors of the Shen family.Although Luo Qinghan s surname is not Shen, he has half of the Shen family s blood in him, so he can be regarded cbd gummies grass roots as half of the Shen family.He took three burning incense sticks from Eunuch Chang, saluted the ancestors of the Shen family, and then inserted the incense cbd gummies for brain sticks into the incense burner.Luo Qinghan looked sideways at Xiao Xixi, motioning for her to come over and kowtow.Xiao Xixi did as she said, knelt down on the futon, and respectfully kowtowed three times.Luo Qinghan looked around, and found that the tablets and incense tables were covered with dust, the floor tiles were cracked, there were spider webs in the corners, and a few tiles were missing on the roof.Through those small holes, you could see the sky outside.If there is rain and snow, the ancestral hall will definitely leak.and others.The abbot originally wanted to tell them about Buddhist scriptures, but Luo Qinghan was not interested in listening to them, cbd gummies for brain so he asked about other things.When was your temple built The abbot replied truthfully cbd gummies for brain It was ten years ago.At that time, the poor monk was just an ordinary monk.The original abbot was the poor monk s master.He passed away five years ago.The position of abbot was replaced by a poor monk.Luo Qinghan Then do you know what happened in this place before What kind of thing does the benefactor refer to Luo Qinghan Shen s family.The abbot suddenly said So the benefactor is Old man of the Shen family, no wonder you are so generous.This place used to be the old house of the Shen family.Unfortunately, the Shen family suffered a catastrophe sixteen years ago and was attacked by a group of bandits nearby.Yue Laosan tapped the cigarette rod in his hand against the wall next to him, knocking out all the soot in the cigarette pot, and asked.Where are you going to report to the officials I heard that something happened in Panyun City.People in the city are panicking now.If you go back to the city, it will be difficult for you to come out again.Xiao Xixi said We If we don t go back to Panyun City, we plan to go to Ningze County.Shenbao County is located at the junction of Chenliu County and Ningze County, just to be on the safe side, she didn t say that she was going to Shenbao County, but made a small announcement.lie.Yue Laosan was puzzled You guys encountered robbers in Chenliu County, why did you go all the way to Ningze County to report to the officials There are acquaintances in the yamen.Seeing that she was still smiling, Luo Yechen couldn t help but said Don t you think that scholar is very pitiful He was eaten by a goblin for no reason.Xiao Xixi I don t think so, this scholar is not a good person at all.There condoe cbd gummies are daughters in law and children in the family, and they ran out to fool around with the female goblins, and they deserved to be eaten.Luo Yechen couldn t understand her way of thinking, and frowned, 1000 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies in connecticut Isn t it normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines Even a scholar He has a wife and children at home, he can also take concubines, he and the female goblin are in love with each other, and he didn t force her, so why should he be eaten Xiao Xixi knew that this kind of cbd gummies for brain thing was unclear, anyway, she He had no desire to compete, so he took a step back.What you said makes sense, but I don t like that kind of plot, I prefer the plot in this storybook.Luo Yechen was quite satisfied, and then took another big bite.The result was such a mouthful that almost broke his teeth He screamed in pain.Xiao Xixi and the crown prince were about to eat the other two bowls of dumplings, which were relatively small, and when they heard the cries, they all had a meal, and turned their heads to look at Luo Yechen at the same time.Luo Yechen covered his mouth, his eyes were red from the pain.Xiao Xixi asked, What s wrong with you Luo Yechen stretched out his fingers, and pulled out a copper coin that smelled like eggs and leeks from his mouth.He asked angrily You actually hid this kind of thing in the dumpling, are you trying to kill me Seeing the copper coin, Xiao Xixi s eyes lit up, and she said happily, This is the copper coin I put in specially., cbd gummies for brain you have eaten it, which means you will have good luck in the coming year Luo Yechen was stunned.She is afraid of the prince now, afraid that she will be suspected by him of having some unreasonable thoughts.Luo Qinghan noticed her behavior and didn t say much.He took out the book in the dark compartment and read it quietly.The carriage started slowly.Not long after, Xiao Xixi fell asleep on the soft pillow.Luo Qinghan put down the book in his hand.He was stretching out his hand to bring Xiao Xixi to him.Xiao Xixi s body fell down, her head just resting on his lap.Xiao Xixi, who was asleep, was unaware of this, and she even smacked her mouth, as if dreaming of something delicious, with a contented and happy look.Chapter 419 Belly sinister heart of a gentleman This sleep is half a day.When Xiao Xixi woke up, it was already noon.She found that she was actually pillowed on the prince s lap, and she couldn t help but her heart skipped a beat.Luo Yechen gritted his teeth and said After returning to Shengjing, you can help me find information about the noble cbd gummies worth it ladies in the capital.The prince wants to choose a concubine The two staff members were shocked, why did they suddenly think of choosing a concubine 1000 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies in connecticut But having said that, the Eldest Prince has passed the age of weak crown, so it stands to reason that he should have married the Prince s Concubine a long time ago.But the eldest prince has high eyesight, and he doesn t look down on those ordinary noble girls at all.Someone had thought of giving him a blind date before, but he rejected them all.An aide carefully asked What kind of concubine does your Highness want to choose Luo Yechen raised his chin and said proudly My prince s concubine must not be too ordinary, at least she should be from a famous family.Luo Yechen was like a bee, circling around Xie Chuxue all the time.Xie Chuxue didn t speak much, and kept her eyes down and smiling most of the time.She will neither be too indifferent nor too close, and the distance between the two of them is controlled just right by her.Seeing this scene, Xiao Xixi and the prince were in a delicate mood.Xiao Xixi remembered the divination she made for the eldest prince last night.It seems that the eldest prince s peach blossom disaster cannot be avoided.And Luo Qinghan saw that Xie Chuxue was not simple in mind, in front of her, Luo Yechen s IQ was really not enough.Although the ways of looking at the problem are different, they all lead to the same goal.The conclusions drawn by Xiao Xixi cbd gummies for brain and the prince are almost the same.The eldest prince is going to end this time Eunuch Chang came over to remind him that lunch was ready.Different road non phase plan.Luo Qinghan responded obediently You are right.Empress Qin It is your fate that you can return safely this time, but next time you may not have such cbd gummies for brain good luck, this time it will be treated as yours.You have cbd gummies for brain learned a lesson, so don t act impulsively in the future.Luo Qinghan You are right.Empress Qin As a prince, your words and deeds are of great importance.Use your brain first, think about your own identity, some mistakes will be made by others, but you can t, you don t have the qualifications to make mistakes.Luo Qinghan You are right.Queen Qin She looked at the prince expressionlessly, her eyes getting colder and colder.Luo Qinghan lowered his pure strength cbd gummies shark tank head slightly, looking submissive.The atmosphere gradually became stagnant.Luo Yechen silently buried his head lower, pretending like an ostrich that he didn t exist.It s the best of both worlds.Luo Qinghan looked at her small appearance with curved eyebrows, couldn t help but lowered his head, and kissed her on the face.Go to sleep.Xiao Xixi closed her eyes obediently.After a while, she opened her eyes again, and saw that the prince s eyes had been closed.She quietly leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips.Good night, His Royal Highness.Luo Qinghan didn t open her eyes, but hugged her even tighter.Xiao Xixi soon fell asleep.The next day, when the sky was still bright, Luo Qinghan woke up.He simply ate his breakfast and took a chariot to the meeting hall.When Xiao Xixi got up, it was already high in the sun.She sat up and yawned.Baoqin said while cbd gummies in connecticut can a child take cbd gummies helping her get dressed.Just now Concubine Li, Concubine Bai, and Concubine Jing all sent people over to ask if you are free these two green otter cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies for brain days They want to invite you to enjoy tea and .

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flowers.Unfortunately, all failed.Xie Chuxue always lowered her head slightly, looking very shy, and occasionally looked up at him.In the eyes of Xiao Xixi and the prince, those eyes were ordinary and meaningless, but in Luo Yechen s eyes, they contained emotions such as affectionate winking eyes, silky love for you, and so on.Encouraged by such eyes, Luo Yechen finally plucked up the courage to ask.Miss Xie, are you willing to marry me Xiao Xixi stopped eating the cake.She looked at the two without blinking, wondering what else could happen between them Xie Chuxue was like a frightened deer, her beautiful eyes were full of astonishment, and then she blushed again, and hurriedly said The prince is joking, right Marriage should be the order of the parents and the words of the matchmaker , how could you tell me such a thing in person This is really out of etiquette After she finished speaking, she ignored Luo Yechen s explanation, stood up, covered her what are the downsides to cbd gummies blushing face with a silk handkerchief, and hurried away go out.Xiao Lingfeng cleared the way in front, and the others followed closely behind, striding inside.This tea house looks low key from the outside, but there is actually something hidden inside, Xiao Xixi walked and looked at it, and had to admit that it is indeed a good place for a date.They met other guys on the road, but they were all overwhelmed by force by Xiao Lingfeng and his men.Soon Luo Yechen found the second prince Luo Yunxuan and Xie Chuxue.The two were reciting poems and composing Fu together, when they suddenly saw someone breaking in, both of them were shocked.Luo Yunxuan was about to reprimand the person who came, but found that the person who came was actually his elder brother, the reprimand was abruptly suppressed, and he asked instead.Brother Huang, why are you here Luo Yechen first looked cbd gummies for brain at his second brother, and then at Xie Chuxue who was sitting next to him.Probably because she owed so much money, Concubine Li couldn t help but feel a little guilty when facing Concubine Xiao.She no longer dared to hate Concubine Xiao as unscrupulously as before.Seeing that she gave herself so much money, Xiao Xixi kindly made a point.You have recently committed a crime against a villain, so be careful.Concubine Li just felt baffled, and didn t take this word to heart at all.In the blink of an eye, half a month has passed.The weather is gradually getting warmer.Baoqin couldn t bear it anymore and reminded again.Ma am, His Highness the Crown Prince hasn t been to Qingge Hall for half a month, are you really not worried at all Xiao Xixi asked lazily, What are you worried about Of course I m worried that His Highness the Crown Prince will forget you Xiao Xixi Don t worry, as long as the prince is useful to me, he will definitely think of where can i buy wyld cbd gummies in boise me.Her eyes were red She begged Your Highness, Concubine Bai was always talking about Your Highness when she was in a coma.Please, for the sake of Concubine Bai s deep love for you, go and see her, even if it s just for one look Although Luo Qinghan was a little annoyed by these things, Concubine Bai was after all the daughter of the crown prince, and for the sake of the crown prince, he should take a look.Luo Qinghan said indifferently Go to Jade Lotus Hall.Liu Xu said with great joy on his face, Thank you, Your Royal Highness The carriage changed direction at the fork in front of the road and drove towards Jade Lotus Hall.Unexpectedly, before going far, the carriage was stopped by a cbd gummies for brain court lady again.This palace lady is Caiyun, she didn t need Eunuch Chang to inform her, she fell to her knees on the ground, and cried loudly, crying and shouting at the same time.The look in front of her She responded softly.Well, I know.Luo Qinghan said, You don t know.He pressed his forehead against Xiao Xixi s, his voice was low and hoarse, hiding the helplessness that only he knew.Ever since he broke up with Queen Qin, even the Qin family has gradually distanced themselves from him.Without the support of the Qin family, his situation in the court immediately became difficult.Especially recently, in order to prepare for the Chunwei Examination, almost everyone fell to the ground to support Qin Lie, and Luo Qinghan, the crown prince, was squeezed out instead and became a marginalized person.In order to get the right to speak, he has to put in more energy than before.Sometimes even if he knows that the other party is deliberately picking on the thorns, he has to patiently negotiate with the other party.Clothes, and came straight to the East Palace with a saber.Luo Qinghan ordered You take a team of Yulin Guards and arrest a few people.As for who to cbd gummies for brain arrest, ask her.He glanced at Bao Qin next to him.Baoqin understood, and immediately took a step forward courageously, and blessed her body Thank you, General Zhao.Zhao Xian is a practical man and doesn t like to talk, so he said immediately Let s go.They went to the Golden Wind Hall first.Concubine Li was already awake at this time, she originally thought that the prince would come to visit her, but she didn t expect that instead of waiting for the prince, she waited for a group of menacing Yulin guards instead.Looking at the leader Zhao Xian, Concubine Li was a little apprehensive, but she still managed to put on a strong look.What do you want to bring so many people into the Golden cbd gummies for brain Wind Palace Zhao Xian said coldly The final general is here to arrest someone under the order of His Royal Highness.With the identification of the guys and the handprint on the pawn ticket as physical evidence, Ding Gui couldn t deny it even if he wanted to.Zhao Xian just frightened him a little bit, and he recruited everything.The facts are similar to what Xiao Xixi guessed, Ding Gui is a businessman, and he went to Beijing to do business in a month.It s a pity that his luck was bad, his business lost money, he lost all his money, and owed a lot of debt.Ding Gui had no money to repay the debt, so he found Caiyun, his daughter who was working in the palace, out of guilt.Caiyun agreed to help raise money.She secretly stole Concubine Li s jewelry and handed it to Ding Gui, who took it to a pawn shop.In order to avoid being discovered by others, Ding Gui pawned the three pieces of jewelry separately, and all the pawns were signed with pseudonyms.Chapter 491 To send warmth to side concubine Li For safety s sake, Li Qingyan didn t move.He just sat on the ground without moving for a whole night.When the sky gradually brightened, Li Qingyan gradually recovered from the tense state.His legs were completely numb from sitting for too long.He kneaded and squeezed, and it took a lot of effort to get up and stand still.He first opened the window a small slit, and found that it was already bright outside, and the yard was quiet, with no one around.He turned to open the door.The probe went out to look, and there was no one outside.It seems that the group of people really left last night.Li Qingyan let out a soft breath, then stepped out of the room and walked to the door of the next room.The door was not latched, and he opened it with a light push.Suddenly being stared at by so many people, Xiao Qiming was inevitably a little nervous, and he stuttered a bit when speaking.I, recently, in order to prepare green otter cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies for brain for the exam, I often go out with my friends to buy books, and sometimes I even buy some reference questions.In order to prevent everyone from ignoring, he also specially explained the reference questions.Before the exam every year, someone in Beijing will sell reference questions.The so called reference questions are the exam questions from previous years, and then write in the top three model essays in the past, so that we candidates can use it as a reference.Li Qingyan also knew that he used to copy similar reference questions for others in order to collect money to buy books.In fact, this kind of reference questions is something that is not on the table in the eyes of many literati, especially those talented scholars who have read poetry and books.Two hours is equal to four hours He actually knelt for four hours After kneeling for such a long time, it is no wonder that there are such large and scary bruises on the legs.Xiao Xixi jumped out of bed, dug out the medicine box, and took out the medicinal oil from it.Luo Qinghan seemed to be fine, and said calmly Don t bother, it s just a little pain, I should be fine after I wake up from sleep.Xiao Xixi reprimanded while pouring medicated oil into her palm.Such a large bruise, how can it be okay Even if you are a prince, you are still a body green otter cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies for brain of flesh and blood.I feel pain just looking at you like this.She rubbed the medicated oil to heat it up, and pressed it on Luo Qinghan On his leg, rub and massage vigorously for him.Luo Qinghan frowned, obviously feeling pain.Xiao Xixi comforted I know it hurts, but I can t help it.This picture is very similar to a large fan meeting.Seeing this, Xiao Xixi felt a little itchy, and wanted cbd gummies for brain to throw something over.It happened that Luo Yechen was standing next to her, so she pulled out the folding fan that Luo Yechen was pinning on his waist, and threw it towards Li Qingyan Seeing that the folding fan was about to hit Li Qingyan, Li Qingyan suddenly turned sideways and just avoided the folding fan.The folding fan just brushed against him and flew over, hitting a person standing across the street.Xiao Xixi was surprised Ah, I smashed the wrong person Luo Yechen said in a panic, That s a fan I bought for 800 taels, and there was an inscription by a famous artist on it.This time, you actually threw it away I m going to fight you Seeing that the situation was not going well, Xiao Xixi hurried to find the prince for help.I remember that Pingtou Mountain covers a large area, and many of them are deep mountains and old forests that no one has ever set foot on.It cbd gummies for brain eagle hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus may take a lot of work to find King You from Pingtou Mountain.Zhao Xian Your Highness said Exactly.Luo Qinghan couldn t find a better way for a while, so he could only say You continue to have people stare at King Ying, and report back when you have news.Although King Ying is a stubborn person, but He has a characteristic that ordinary people can t match, that is, he is rich With King Ying s character, he would definitely spend money to hire people to search the mountains.On the cna cbd gummies be refrigerated premise of not using the army, spending money to hire people is the best way at present.This is the most suitable thing for the King of England who is stupid and rich.Zhao Xian took the order to retreat.Obviously everyone is a side concubine, so why is the prince so different from side concubine Xiao Is the crown prince really planning to make side concubine Xiao the crown princess Thinking of this, Concubine Jing and Concubine Bai looked at Concubine Xiao with even more unkind eyes.Xiao Xixi said without much hesitation The last Mid Autumn Festival banquet was all from my own family.It s okay for my concubine to go on stage to perform a show, just treat it as a colorful dress to entertain relatives, but this birthday banquet also invited many outsiders.It s better for me not to show my face.Anyway, there are many musicians and dancers in the palace.It cbd gummies for brain s enough to have them perform.If it doesn t work, I can go to the theater or juggling troupe outside the palace.There is no need for me to go with them Grab business.Luo Yechen was terrified by his behavior.Please explain clearly, how did I help you Why didn t I know that I helped you Luo Qinghan It doesn t matter if you know or not, as long as I know.Luo Yechen was full of belly Confused, he lowered his head and took a sip of his wine.He tentatively asked Are you really willing to help me with anything Luo Qinghan ate a mouthful of food Don t think about being the crown prince.Luo Yechen He roared angrily I want the crown prince, but I will fight for it myself, I don t need you to give it to me Luo Qinghan That s good.Luo Yechen stared at him angrily, and it took a while before he spoke again.I want to ask you to help me find a way, how can I get my divorce Luo Qinghan glanced at him Why did you want to divorce Luo Yechen said angrily Is there any need to ask Of course it s because of me I don t like Bu Shengyan That girl is very fierce, like a tigress, if I marry her, will I still have a good life in the future Luo Qinghan said slowly Gu thinks that you and Miss Bu are pretty good.This person seems gentle and harmless, but in fact, he has planned everything without cbd gummies for brain knowing it.The more the enemy cares about something, the more he wants to destroy it.The real murder without blood As soon as Xiao Xixi thought of the hopeless and helpless mood of the prince at this time, she wished to fly back to him and tell him loudly that all this was false, don t believe a word But now she is in a whole mess, let alone helping the prince, she can t even protect herself.A deep sense of powerlessness enveloped her, making her eyes redden.Fang Wujiu s tone was as calm and calm as ever I ve already answered your question, now it s your turn to answer my question.Xiao Xixi didn t want to see him at this moment.She looked down at the teacup in her hand What do you want to ask Fang Wujiu Master said that you were born with celestial eyes.She looked at it and was fascinated.Today Luo Yechen came to give her the script again.As usual, Bu Shengyan expressed her disdain for the words in the dialogue book, then opened the story book honestly, and read it with relish.She finished reading the fifty plus page script in no time.She continued to say Every time I stop writing when it s exciting, this author is really good at tantalizing people At this point, she subconsciously closed the story book, wanting to see the author s signature on the story book, But I found that cbd gummy for dogs the cover of the story book only had the name of the story, not the name of the author.Bu Shengyan was very surprised Why is there no author s signature on this script Luo Yechen deliberately pretended to be stupid Really I didn t even pay attention.Bu Shengyan said with emotion I m really curious, what kind of book is it Human Not only can he write such a wonderful story, but he can still maintain such an ugly handwriting level after writing several books.Luo Yechen Let s not say the last sentence, okay He coughed twice and changed the subject How is your recovery Bu Shengyan It s much better, now I can walk on the ground, but I have to use a cane, and it cbd gummies for brain s not very nice to walk.Luo Yechen Do you want the imperial doctor to show you Bu Shengyan waved his hand No , I m recovering pretty well now, and I don t need the imperial doctor to make a special trip.She glanced at Marquis Dingbei who was sitting beside him drinking tea quietly, and the words of retiring lingered on her .

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can one gummy have 500mg of cbd?

lips a few times, but she still couldn t say it.exit.Seeing that the day of getting married is getting closer, she can t help feeling a little anxious.She pursed her lower lip and whispered as if complaining.My rouge and gouache are almost used up.I want to go out and buy some.When worn on Xiao Xixi s body, it complements her The skin becomes more and more porcelain white and delicate, with a kind of natural beauty without carving.Pei Qianhuo looked around to make sure that the size of the clothes was okay, so she asked her to try on another set of clothes.Another set of skirts is mint green, with a touch of apricot white alone, which looks refreshing and gentle.Xiao Xixi looks like a cute little girl next door when she wears it, and it is even more pleasing when coupled with the shallow dimples around her mouth when she smiles.Pei Qianhuo took out another satin brocade box as if juggling.Open the brocade box, there are some jewelry inside.These are specially selected for you, and they can be used to match your clothes.He has done this kind of thing before.In the past on the mountain, he loved making clothes for his junior sister when he had nothing to do.You say that someone put medicine in the food and wine, and ask the government to help you check it.If it is true, you will investigate thoroughly, but if there is no cbd gummy vs thc gummy problem with the food and wine Her eyes fell on Xie Chuxue again, and she sneered.Miss Xie is the adopted daughter of the King of Xiling, but the emperor broke the law and committed the same crime as the common people, and you understand the consequences.Xie Chuxue s pretty face instantly turned pale.The guests who wanted to speak up for her just now also cbd gummies for brain eagle hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus shut up when they saw that the situation was not good.They thought it was just a rivalry between two women, but they didn t expect that drug use was involved.Xie Chuxue turned her head to look at Luo Yechen, and said in a trembling voice.If my daughter, who has not left the court, enters the government, no matter what happens or not, my reputation will be damaged.My lord.Luo Yechen pointed at the guest who spoke for Xie Chuxue just now, and said loudly Throw him out, and he will never be allowed to enter the Liuguang Pavilion again The man stood up and said in a loud voice I just said something fair for others.Even if I was wrong, I just apologize.Why is the prince so aggressive Your Liuguang Pavilion opens the door to do business.You should be kind to others Luo Yechen impatiently listened to the nagging, and waved his hands.Immediately, a guy rushed up, covered his mouth and dragged the man out.Seeing this, the others knew that the King of England was an unreasonable master, so they didn t dare to say anything, and all lowered their heads, pretending that they didn t see anything.Luo Yechen followed the direction Bu Shengyan left.Bu Shengyan stopped when he walked to the courtyard in the middle.After the inspection, we have confirmed that there is no drug or other ingredients in the food and wine.Luo Yechen frowned Since no drug was given, Then why did Xie Chuxue faint just now Bu Shengyan sneered.People say that they have been drugged, do you really believe it Is your head hollow Chapter 600 Hit me up and try The shopkeeper pretended not to hear the future princess s mockery of the king, and asked respectfully.What should we do next Luo Yechen asked back, What did Jingzhao Mansion say The shopkeeper relayed the truth.The people from Jingzhao Mansion said that since the food and drinks were not drugged, the matter cannot be filed and the government cannot intervene.They suggested that we should do it privately.Luo Yechen was used to being arrogant, and he didn t want to suffer this dull loss.Xu Lezhou asked someone to serve them refreshments, and then asked someone to close the door of the shop , and put a closed cherry vita cbd gummies wooden sign outside the door.I heard what Shen Sanlang said just now.Since Shen Sanlang is a descendant of Mr.Shen, he is my benefactor, Mr.Xu.If the benefactor has any orders, just say it.I will do my best to repay the Shen family s kindness.Luo Qinghan I heard that you are very good at digging tunnels.Xu Lezhou stepped on the other party s intention when he heard this, and said helplessly.When I was robbing tombs with others, I was responsible for digging holes and digging tunnels.But since Jinpen washed his hands, I haven t dug a tunnel.It s been almost 20 years since I dug a tunnel.This skill has long since become unfamiliar.It s done.Luo Qinghan looked into his eyes As long as you help me complete this matter, your debt to the Shen family will be canceled.It s been such a long time, why should Shen Sanlang get to the bottom of it Luo Qinghan already understood the answer from his reaction.The two walked out of Xu Ji s pawn shop.Xiao Xixi looked back at the pawn shop that had closed the door again, and couldn t help asking.What do you mean by that question you just asked Luo Qinghan explained Xu Lezhou is a smart man, when he was coerced by others, he should be very clear in his heart that the people who threatened him were not kind, as long as he compromises once, there will be countless others The next threat is waiting for him, and if he wants to get rid of the threat completely, he must find a way to get rid of those people.Xiao Xixi suddenly said So he deliberately triggered the mechanism, and he wanted to cbd gummies for brain take the opportunity to kill those who threatened him People.The emperor was still frowning, looking in a bad mood.Concubine Hui talked about some interesting things in the palace, trying to make the emperor happy.The emperor was always absent minded.Gan Fu came in and asked what would you like for lunch The emperor had no appetite and didn t want to eat anything.He frowned and said, You guys can figure it out, just light it up.Here.A series of exquisite meals were served on the table.These meals had been tested for poison by a special person, but the emperor still had doubts.Concubine Hui was very witty, so she helped the emperor try all the dishes first, using the pretext of being greedy.The emperor watched her eat the food with his own eyes, and after confirming that there was nothing unusual, he picked up the bowl and drank the soup slowly.His appetite is really bad.After Dingbei Hou listened, his heart was very heavy.The spear in his hand used to only kill foreigners, but now he has to point the gun at his own people.The border guards desperately guarded the tranquility of this territory, Division of Camiguin cbd gummies for brain and countless people buried their bones in other lands to prevent foreign invaders.The sons of their Bu family almost died because of this, but some people did not cherish the tranquility they sacrificed their lives for.I want to make waves again, just to satisfy my own ambitions.How can those departed heroic souls rest in peace if they are informed of this matter Gan Fu found that this was neither the route back to the King s Mansion nor the direction to the Hou s Mansion, so he couldn t help asking.Master Hou, where are we going Dingbei Hou calmly said two words.Leave the city.Your Majesty, don t be too sad.The imperial doctor said that you have to relax so that your health can recover quickly.The emperor returned the list to the prince.You did a good job in quelling the rebellion this time, the rest Division of Camiguin cbd gummies for brain After the imperial doctor s treatment, the emperor s life is no longer hindered, but the residual toxins in the body still cannot be removed, and the body has been fundamentally damaged.Even if it is nourished with the most rare medicinal materials, it still cannot return to its previous health.His body was too weak, even though it was summer now, he was still wearing thick clothes, his legs were covered with blankets, and there was not even an ice basin in the room.The maids and eunuchs waiting nearby were sweating from the heat.But the emperor looked at it but didn t feel hot at all.Your Majesty s thoughts, slaves and servants will definitely not be able to guess.If your empress is really confused, why don t you just ask the emperor I feel that instead of worrying secretly here, it is better to ask the emperor directly.You and the emperor have experienced so many ups and downs, and the relationship is by no means comparable to others.You must have confidence in yourself, and you must also have confidence in the emperor.Xiao Xixi is still hesitating.Baoqin If you can make the emperor happy, maybe our vegetable garden can be built sooner.Xiao Xixi clenched her fists I have to have confidence, I can do it Baoqin Come on, ma am In the sleeping hall, just as Luo Qinghan lay down, he heard the eunuch s voice outside the door.Your Majesty, Your Majesty has already rested.Xiao Xixi pretended to be stupid What did you say I don t understand, I m sleepwalking.She knew that she was impulsive, even if she was Jieyu, she would not be able to casually kill the big maid next to the noble concubine in front of so many people.She took a deep breath, suppressing the anger in her heart.Please Miss Liu Xu to say hello to Concubine Bai for me, and ask her to cultivate well.I ll go back first, and I ll visit her sometime later.Liu Xu said yes with a smile.Before leaving, Lu Jieyu did not forget to give Baoqin a hard look.And wait The days are still long, when I have a chance in the future, let s see how she deals with this lowly servant girl Baoqin stood up, tidied up the dust on her clothes, as if nothing had happened.Please trouble Miss Liu Xu to tell the concubine Bai that I want to take Qingsong to Weiyang Palace to meet the concubine.Liu Xu rolled her eyes You wait.When he saw the appearance of the noble concubine, he was obviously stunned.Why does this noble concubine look so similar to side concubine Xiao Xiao Xixi saw that half of his face was red and swollen, his mouth was so dry that he lost a lot of weight and darkened a lot.It was obvious that he was having a bad time in Misty Rain Palace.As for why it is not good I m afraid I can t get away from her.Xiao Xixi felt guilty, and asked warmly I heard from Baoqin that you are a clever mind.It happens that I have just arrived and there is a shortage of manpower around me.Would you like to work under Bengong Qingsong was dumbfounded.He thought he had heard wrong, and froze in place.It wasn t until Baoqin pushed him that he suddenly came back to his senses.He knelt down with a plop and shouted super loudly with a trembling voice.This position should be occupied by the queen, but now there is no queen, the noble concubine is the head of concubines, and the emperor dotes on her and is willing to let her sit beside her, what can others say It s not just silently envious and jealous.Luo Qinghan bowed his head sideways and whispered in Xixi s ear.You look good in red.The red made her skin whiter, and there was a hint of pink in the white, which was very attractive.Xiao Xixi hummed Doesn t it look good if I wear other colors Luo Qinghan squeezed her fingers, and said with a low laugh They all look good.He thought to himself, when he turned around and held her canonization ceremony, Just let her wear red, she must be very beautiful.Xiao Xixi looked at the delicious food in front of her and couldn t help swallowing.Luo Qinghan accidentally touched her sleeve, found that her sleeve was wet, and asked in a low voice what s going on Xiao Xixi looked at the dishes in front of her eyes and said cbd gummies for brain absently.Luo Qinghan ignored these words.He just looked at Xixi without blinking, at the person he loved the most in his life.It was hard for him to wait for her to come back.If something happened to her again, he really didn t know if he could hold on.The taste of losing once is enough to make his life worse than death.He didn t .

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can you drive with cbd gummies?

want to experience it again.Baoqin knelt beside Ruantao, kept wiping away her tears, and choked up what happened just now.After Luo Qinghan finished listening, she didn t look back, but said coldly.Lu Jieyu bumped into the noble concubine, causing her to vomit blood and pass out.From now on, Lu Jieyu will be relegated to the rank of servant and sent to limbo.Hearing this, Lu Jieyu hurriedly knelt down as if struck by lightning, crying.Your Majesty, I don t blame the concubine for this matter It was the concubine who forced me to say it If I didn t want to say it, she used force to coerce me, and I had no choice but to say it Besides, the concubine said it.Are you full Xiao Xixi replied obediently I m full.Luo Qinghan put down the teacup Let me touch it to see if you are really full Xiao Xixi blushed.She looked around and saw no one around, so she lifted the hem of her clothes up, revealing Bai Shengsheng s little belly.You, you touch it.Luo Qinghan s heart trembled wildly at her cuteness.He directly pulled her into his arms, let her sit on his lap, put his palm on her belly, touched her lightly, and commented on his face pretendingly.It feels like I m full.Xiao Xixi felt that the big hand on her belly was moving up slowly, her cbd gummies for brain little face was flushed, and she hurriedly said.It s okay, don t touch it anymore.Luo Qinghan thought that she was in poor health and couldn t bear the stimulation, so she could only stop her movements abruptly.He silently recited the Diamond Sutra several times in his heart before withdrawing his hand.She hurriedly put down the bowl, and asked while wiping her mouth with a handkerchief.What does the emperor think Why did she get such a title Bao Qin also wanted to laugh, but she held back and answered seriously.It is said that it is because of her poor health that the emperor specially gave her such a title, in order to suppress her sickness.Xiao Xixi I understand, this is called a cheap name and easy to support Baoqin said Unable to hold back, he burst out laughing.She quickly covered her mouth with her sleeve, trying not to lose her appearance in front of the imperial unabis cbd gummies scam concubine.God damn cheap name easy to feed Ha ha ha ha There was a reminder outside the door.The emperor is here Xiao Xixi and Bao Qin hurried out to pick Division of Camiguin cbd gummies for brain him up.Seeing the smile on Xiao Xixi s cbd gummies for brain eagle hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus face, Luo Qinghan asked, What makes you smile so happily Xiao Xixi walked into the room with him, and said with a smile.She asked Zhao Xian to let go of Yu Jiu, and cbd gummies for brain said straight to the point I know that you are the son of the head of the Tianmen sect.Now the whereabouts of the head of the Tianmen sect is unknown.Do you know where he went Yu Jiu sat on the ground lazily, and said casually Sorry, I don t know.Xiao Xixi Don t you cry when you see the coffin Yu Jiu I m telling the truth, I really don t know where my father went, cbd gummies for brain they ran so fast In a hurry, I didn t have time to notify me.Xiao cbd gummies for brain eagle hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus Xixi stared at him Don t you have any agreed agreement in advance For example, if you separated due to an accident, there must be a place or a way to meet.Yu Jiu Said slowly.We did have an agreed way to meet.But my dad already knows that I ve been arrested.Even if I tell you how to meet, my dad won t be fooled.He might even turn around and use this opportunity to trick you.Although this kid is useless, he is Uncle Jiang s flesh and blood after all.For Uncle Jiang s sake, don t be as knowledgeable as him.He killed that blind guy without hesitation.But now he has more important things to do, so he didn t continue to do it.Jiang Chengcai was scared out of his wits.He really thought he was going to be killed by this man just now.In his life, he had never seen anyone with such fierce eyes.Just by meeting the other person s eyes, he will have a feeling of panic that he can t breathe.Jiang Chengcai suppressed his fear and asked tremblingly.You, who are you Yu Jiu hooked her lips and sneered, I am the owner of the dead mansion you mentioned just now.Jiang Chengcai was stunned for a moment before realizing it, his face turned pale in an instant.Are you that child from Yu s family Why are you here Yu Jiu felt that his reaction was very strange, and she was suspicious, so she asked calmly.Xiao Xixi said indifferently after taking a big gulp of hot soy milk.It s been many years, I don t care anymore, anyway, I m doing well now, those people don t deserve me to worry about them.Yu Jiu put herself in her position, thinking that she would be sure I won t give up so easily.If he knew that he was abandoned by his parents, he would definitely find a way to get back.Xiao Xixi ate very fast, eating most of the breakfast on the table in a blink of an eye.Seeing that Yu Jiu hadn t moved, she couldn t help asking.Don t you eat Yu Jiu asked back Didn t you eat all of these Xiao Xixi Anyway, you bought them with money and effort, how could you let me eat them all Yu Jiu did not Thinking that this woman had actually changed her sex, she was willing to share the food with him.In the past, she would not even give him a piece of bread Yu Jiu couldn t help changing her opinion of her, and was about to say something polite to her, when she picked up a deep fried dough stick, pulled it hard, broke it into two pieces, then broke it into two pieces, and then broke it into two pieces In the end, only a fried dough stick as long as half a thumb is left.Yu Yu Nine This woman killed the sky with one sentence.After that, the two of them stopped chatting and burned the paper money quietly.Yu Jiu kowtowed three heads to the three tombstones respectively.After the worship was completed, the two went out.After walking a certain distance, Xiao Xixi couldn t help but glance at the magnificent mausoleum.To be able just cbd gummies ratings to trim such a cbd gummies for brain large cemetery with ease, the leading general must be very rich Xiao Xixi poked the man next to her with her elbow and encouraged her.Are you really not going to change your mind Such a rich dad is hard to come by Yu Jiu said with a cold face, I don t care for his stinky money.Xiao Xixi earnestly taught Look You just haven t experienced the beatings of society and don t know the importance of money.You can hate your father, but you don t have to hate the money in your father s hands.Fang Wujiu looked at Catcher Zhang and asked quickly.Is that gentleman surnamed Yu Detective Zhang was startled, and subconsciously blurted out How do you know Then he came to his senses and hurriedly apologized I m sorry, this official overstepped, and this official deserves to die.Fang Wujiu didn t take the other party s gaffe to heart, and continued green otter cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies for brain to ask.Can you calories in cbd gummies take us to cbd gummies delivery california gizmodo Yu s house Zhang quickly nodded, Of course.A group of people hurried to Yu s house.The door was closed tightly, with a heavy brass lock hanging on the door.The county magistrate hurriedly asked someone to smash the lock.The Yu family has been deserted for a long time, and this house is just an empty house, even if the door is smashed down, no one will take care of it.People living nearby heard the commotion and went out of their homes to watch the excitement.If the emperor really didn t want to give her a chance to make up for her crimes, she would kill herself on the spot and use her own life and blood to end this matter.The dagger hidden in the loose sleeve was the one she was going to use to end her life.Although doing so is likely to make uninformed outsiders mistakenly think that the emperor forced his aunt to death, which will have an adverse impact on the emperor s reputation.But she couldn t think about that much anymore.As long as she can keep her family and children, happy body botanical cbd gummies she can do anything Anything can give Fortunately, the Emperor accepted her offer and was willing to give her one last chance.Princess Hua an let out a long cbd gummies for brain breath, and the boulder hanging in her heart could finally fall to the ground.She met her son s eyes full of worry and concern, and smiled.Even though Master Tianyan is still injured, his strength still far exceeds that of Yu Jiu.Just relying on Yu Jiu s tricks, he is no match for him at all.Yu Jiu felt that her neck was almost broken, she couldn t breathe normally, and her face turned purple.He stabbed the dagger in his hand fiercely at the neck of Master Tianyan Immortal Tianyan let go of his hand first, and 1000 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies in connecticut at the same time raised his foot and kicked Yu Jiu s abdomen hard.Yu Jiu was kicked and flew backwards, hitting the vase with her body.In the end, the person and the vase fell to the ground together.The vase shattered into many pieces.Yu Jiu just lay on the broken porcelain, her hands were covered with blood, her abdomen and neck felt burning pain.He struggled to get up, but was slapped on the face by Master Tianyan with a whisk Half of Yu Jiu s face suddenly became red and swollen.Fortunately, he wore 1000 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies in connecticut the gold silk armor when he went out today.Even if he really wanted to go to war, he could rely on the gold silk armor for a while.Standing on the high city wall, Luo Yechen conveyed the emperor s will to the bottom.King Qingliao, King Linnan, and King Fengyang discussed together cbd medterra gummies for a while, and finally they decided to send King Linnan as a representative into the cbd gummies for brain city to face the saint, while the other two princes stayed outside the city to prevent changes.The heavy city gate was opened a crack, just enough for an adult to pass through.Linnan Wang walked in alone.Immediately the city gate was closed again and closed tightly.Luo Yechen cupped his hands towards King Linnan.Uncle Tang, please take off your sword.Although they both have the surname Luo, after generations of reproduction, the blood relationship between them has been far apart.My injury hasn t healed yet, so I need to take care of it for a few more days.When I recover from my injury, those five little bastards will die.He was the Kong Chan that Xixi was looking for.Kong Chan Suiran sucked Xuanjizi s skill, but was injured by Xuanjizi s secret method.It was also because of the injury that he failed to give Xuanjizi a fatal blow, so that Xuanjizi was rescued by the people who arrived later.Thinking of this, Kong Chan gritted his teeth with hatred.Obviously they are all master cbd gummies for brain eagle hemp cbd gummies for tinnitus s apprentices, but the master is biased towards the senior brother, giving the senior brother all good things, even the position of master, and teaching the senior brother the secret method of Taoism.And he has nothing.In front of Master, he is like a transparent person, without any sense of existence.Every time they passed a fork in the road, the three of them had to stop and continue to use the compass to calculate.Seeing that the sky was getting dark and they hadn t found any trace of Xi Xi, Chu Jian s eyes were red with anxiety.Why haven t you found Senior Sister yet Nothing will happen to Senior Sister, right Wen Jiucheng and Pei Qianhuo had serious expressions on their faces.They were not afraid of Xixi having an accident, they were afraid that Xixi would find Kong Chan.With Kongchan s current strength, Xixi is by no means his opponent cbd gummies for brain Xiao Xixi was slapped flying by Kong Chan s palm and smashed hard on the wall.She slipped along the wall and fell to the ground, a big mouthful of blood protruded from her mouth, and there was a burning pain in her heart.In that palm just now, Kong Chan didn t use all his strength, but it was enough to seriously injure her.This hurt too much Wen Jiucheng immediately took out a small and exquisite porcelain bottle.This is a relic left by the master.The senior suns nutritional products cbd gummies 300 mg brother said that it was specially left by the master for the junior sister.They also grownmd cbd gummies ingredients don t know what s in this little porcelain bottle can be used for.But the matter has come to this point, Xiao Xixi has only his last breath left, they have no choice but to treat the dead horse as a living horse doctor.Pei Qianhuo raised Xixi s head.Wen Jiucheng opened the small porcelain bottle and poured the liquid medicine inside into Xixi s mouth.In order to prevent her from swallowing, Wen Jiucheng poured it slowly.It took a long time to pour the whole bottle of medicinal liquid into it.Chapter 1149 Meng Xiaoxi s mind is in a daze, as if his soul has left his 1000 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies in connecticut body.When she woke up, she found herself standing on the star picking platform, with the endless night sky above her head, and the sky was full of shining stars.Because in his opinion, a mere Emperor Dasheng is not his opponent at all.Emperor Sheng beat him to his knees and begged for mercy.Chapter 1160 I can t accept you Xiao Xixi didn t speak, but Yu Jiu could guess what she was thinking by looking at her expression.He coughed twice, tried his best to cheer up, and continued to talk.Yes, even if there is a war, Dasheng can t be defeated with only the manpower of the Western Regions.But as long as there is a war, people will definitely die.No matter whether the people who die are from the Western Regions or Dasheng, they are all living people.I believe you should Don t you want to see someone sacrificed because of the war again Xiao Xixi said calmly, You just want me to let you go after you say so much.Her words broke Yu Jiu s mind.Yu Jiu didn t feel ashamed, he smiled indifferently.Almost without thinking, she knelt down and kowtowed heavily.The concubine is willing to leave the palace Good morning everyone Chapter 1171 The appearance of Yuan Liangren who dismissed the sixth palace reminded Xiao Xixi that there were other concubines in the palace.Since Luo Qinghan had no intention of pampering them, there was no need to keep them in the palace, and just send them all out.She told Luo Qinghan this idea.Luo Qinghan agreed without hesitation.He didn t like that there were too many idlers in the palace.In the past, he had to make concessions due to various reasons.Now that he can finally be the master of his own house, it is natural to do whatever he wants.That night, the concubines in each palace received the imperial edict sent green otter cbd gummies shark tank cbd gummies for brain by the emperor.In the imperial decree, the emperor stated that they would all be sent home.Make pie.The master was full of black lines when he heard it, so he quickly asked him to sit down.The second person who introduced himself was Xiao Changsheng.When he stood up, all the students in the class looked at him without blinking, and even the teacher s eyes became more concerned.Although these children are still young and don t quite understand how big the difference in status is, they have been reminded by their parents when cbd gummies 5 pack 30mg they were at home, telling them to have a good relationship with the little prince and princess.Especially this little prince, if there is no accident, he will be the next emperor of the Dasheng Dynasty.Hello, everyone.My name is Luo Huaijun.I am five years old.I am very happy to be a classmate with you.After Xiao Changsheng sat down, best natural cbd gummies Xiao Kei immediately stood up.Li Fuyan is not a person who can make ends meet.For this reason, she had a lot of quarrels with her family.If it was changed to before, she could only bear it, but now she can make money by herself, and she has the confidence in her heart.Even if no one marries her, she can support herself without fear at all.With such procrastination, her marriage has never been possible.Seeing that she is getting older and older, the family members are cbd gummies for brain in a hurry.But she wasn t in a hurry, and no one else could do anything about her.Seeing the twins came back, Li Fuyan and Yao Wanfang immediately got up to salute them.Both Xiaochangsheng and Xiaocuti had met them before, and knew that they were friends of the queen mother, so they greeted them politely.Aunt Li, Aunt Yao.Baoqin took the two little ones to wash their hands and prepared snacks for them.After all, the financial power of this family is in his mother s hands.Bu Shengyan has no objection to the idea of children opening a joint shop to sell cakes.She took out three land deeds and put them in front of Luo Tianbao.The locations of these three stores are all good.Which one do you want Luo Tianbao was surprised Mother, did cbd gummies for brain you agree Bu Shengyan asked back You are doing serious business, why didn t I agree Luo Tianbao Tianbao also knew that he was usually out of tune, so he scratched his head and smiled sheepishly.I don t know which shop is better, can I discuss it with the little princess and the little prince before making a decision Bu Shengyan said no problem.I will save the shop for you.You can come to me anytime after you have made a decision.Thank you, mother.Ten days later, a shop named Tiantian Cake Shop opened in Shengjing City.

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